Notes on Some Dynamics of Capitalism

  1. work expands to fill the time -  given a project & a deadline those working on it will at least try to stretch their participation (or lay back their energy & enthusiasm) all the way up to the deadline.  In the case of government workers & politicians this may well exceed the deadline
  2. willing participants versus corporate slavery needs to be examined
  3. similarly prices of goods & services will inflate over time & value will deflate depending upon the money supply (i.e. what people have to buy with & are willing to give work for)  governments distort this.
  4. insurance is a sleeve-job for security & fear
  5. credit & insurance are a sleeve-jobs for value & inflate prices
  6. OPM (other people's money) highly inflates prices - see also taxes & insurance
  7. consider the capitalism of yesterday which assumed that capitalism or competition produced better good & services & innovation & invention because the lure of a reward was the primary stimulus
  8. consider the capitalism of today which distributes rewards by association with governments
  9. consider the conscious capitalism or what I call a synergy of individuals where cooperation & a dynamic equilibrium guided by actual participants in the production of services & goods solves most of the problems.  I say even enhances the quality, innovation & invention by the reward of participation, community & social foundations of the economic life.
  10. the short story of a sleeve-job is "all frosting no cake"
  11. ... comments are welcome


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  2. dynamic equilibrium


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