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Who is Obama Being as POTUS or himself or ?
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Seth says
seth 2013-11-17 11:33:31 16900
Let me tell you why that is just about all i can say about what Obama is being.   I really do not know what kinds of pressures and opportunities being president of the united states presents ... nor what Obama's truly intends.  All i know is what filters through the media which is certainly squed.  To know what Obama is being i would need to access to information that has not been made public ... information that perhaps some day his biographer will be able to obtain.  To know what Obama is being to the country i would need to have access to a historical perspective that honestly i just do not have. 

For me he is being the president of my country besieged by a determined opposition that judges and mis-judges his every move.  From what i see he is being distracted from his effective administrative duties ... eg the implementation of the affordable care act ... but he honestly acknowledges his error and tries to fix them ... i think he is being just about as honest as he possibly can be given the constraints of the situation.

Me, i am trying to answer your questions honestly and not get mired in the kind of partisan wrangling with you that is challenging Obama's administration.  You know i don't like to do be into that ... so answering this item is being like dancing in a mine field.
Thanks, I got who YOU are being in this matter - thanks for sharing!

Seth says
seth 2013-11-17 17:57:15 16900
incidentally, what do you think Obama is being?
I don't think of it incidentally.
Given your listening above I speculate or doubt you would be able to hear it. The distinction being was mostly left out of yours so it is moot anyway.

Seth says
seth 2013-11-17 09:18:40 16900
... an interesting question.  I would say he is being the 44th president of the United States.  I don't really have enough information to say much more than that.
Yeah, that is not much of anything. Anyone who had won the election could have been said to be that. Why is Obama different than McCain might have been?  Try harder, maybe. His image & speeches & writings & 100% media attention is given over to him & the bully pulpit & that's your best guess?
Maybe you can answer this, then ... Who are you being in answering the question here?

Seth says
ME 2013-11-18 08:58:22 16900
Everything below & including the scorpion will be deleted shortly - copy elsewhere if you want to keep it.