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This is a much clearer & detailed than the infomercial & imbedded commands on the 11 missing steps from the Secret & LOA.  It takes less than a half hour to get the point & is already published here for free. Send any gratitude to the web site proprietor:

First published in Mystic World, May 1931- (over 82 years ago)

SILENCE -The Lightning Path

By C. F. Russell



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Seth says
Before the infomercial I got something from this song on God's silence:
Because music & some songs get to me emotionally I am likely to test the lightning path on them rather than some excretory function.

Seth says
good stuff.

incidentally i coulndn't connecting anything in there to  LOA ... and it appears that GW was talking about a different secret than this one

I read this a long time ago and have forgotten it but a lot of stuff in there i have been mucking around with all my life ... sans the dogma, or course.   I like how GW has linked the silence of God to my own silence of ego ...
source: GW
The great philosopher Berkeley considered it a marvel that any thinking individual could contemplate seriously the wonder and beauty of the universe without being immediately aware of the presence of its creator. I suggest that the reader meditate upon these remarkable characteristics of divinity, namely, that God does not boast, or make any insinuations that can reach the ears of either the unworthy or the worthy. He knows how to keep silence, and He does keep silence. Contemplation of this sublime truth should convince the earnest seeker after enlightenment that the exercise of the fourth power of the Sphinx is actually the quickest, easiest, and best way to accomplish the great work, that is, union with God.
... and this one i'm gonna have to try myself ...
source: GW
During any true magical ceremony one forgets the purpose of the ceremony and the process of invocation or evocation and becomes automatic, independent of the conscious will, just like the operation of breathing. You can often energize your enthusiasm, at times, merely by sneezing for a definite purpose. One way to do it is to think of what you want just before you are ready to sneeze and forget it entirely while sneezing. Another way is to hold on to your desire in a formless state during the act. Another useful scheme is to concentrate so intensely on your desire that you forget you are sneezing!
... but i'm gonna use a shit instead

Seth says
Most people wonder what the magic link between manifesting something you want to actually getting it.  (mind -> matter) The Secret claimed they had one.  Quantum Leap & Burt Goldman of Sylva Mind Control had/has another. The Magicians of the Golden Dawn, O.'.T.'.O, A.'.A.'. , G.'.B.'.G.'. & even scientology & Werner Erhard, Tony Robbins (NLP), LEC etc.  have theirs. The things you want are anything from union with God to winning the lottery & all the spectrum in between & outside of it including Buddha's enlightenment & eternal life, Samadhi, Nirvana,  health etc. Some repackage others' & try to sell it.
C.F.R.'s (GW's) is more interesting to me & I have done most of the rest with varying degrees of enthusiasm.

Seth says
... p.s. some will drive you nuts.

Seth says
source: ...
silence of ego
... Basically I have been doing again the zen exercises of just watching what goes through my mind without engaging it - just letting it go bye. It is a very fast moving river. Sooner or later one asks "who is the observer?" - but not during the exercise. If one looks in the triad environment outside, environment inside & mind one might miss it - not a physical entity.

Seth says
seth 2013-11-28 11:05:54 16928
ME 2013-11-28 08:11:45 16928
Yeah, you might have had to listen to the LOA/Secret infomercial to make the connection. That's why there are other humans to make connections you can't see. This one wasn't about the word secret but more about the word silence.

where is the informercial?  
It was something recommended in facebook by one of Nate's daughters I think through their way of posting shit for you if you like it. It came up in an email as a streaming seminar surrounding this guy.  I am anti-promoting his stuff.

Seth says
seth 2013-11-29 08:10:09 16928
Thanks, now i get what you are saying here .

AC has some more about the the fourth power of the Sphinx here.  Of course for every attitude or aspect he has his metaphorical name which needs to be translated into the local language to be fully grocked ... but even without translation there is enough that is plain language that one can get the drift. 

I think i do need to enhance the silence of the sphinx in the pallet of colors of my be-ing ... blending that with my otherness thingey might make quite a play.  while i choose not to lust for the lack of a lust for result ... result is still the change which drives ...
else why the big deal .

... but then that is just me ... i can absolutely assure you.

Liber Legis I,44 "For pure will, unassuaged of purpose, delivered from the lust of result, is every way perfect."   - can be an instantaneous or transendental apparatus, imho.  It is the lust that is contrasted with the assurance that it is so & the universe is in congruence.One does not lust after that which one has already but what one does not have. See also BofNK for the Chapter on Desire. Nobody here, on my side of the virtual room,  is lusting after the antilust. It might be a good way to banish the ego or Ego, though

Mark de LA says
Some of this sounds like I wrote it but has Seth on it.  It popped up in FB as a my memory from 4 years ago but had permalink syntax in the facebook link it S/B I don’t think I would publish it again today – too esoteric & “The Secret” is passe today.

Mark de LA says
Ran into the Tarot Card (A.C.) Fror LUST (formerly Strength) yesterday here ….. LUST    

Technical analysis shows that the Path corresponding to the card is not the Strength of Geburah, but the influence from Chesed upon Geburah, the Path balanced both vertically and horizontally on the Tree of Life (see diagram). For this reason it has been thought better to change the traditional title. Lust implies not only strength, but the joy of strength exercised. It is vigour, and the rapture of vigour.

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