That was a funning joke can you tell another one!Okey here we go, and hes all like where are the eggs.Oh no, the house is on fire!How did the house get on fire?How did the house get on fire you ask.Its me the Devil.The wizzard didn't kill me, I got away.Who are you?I said I'm the Devil and you going to die.Why do you want to kill us?So I can get the wizzrd and angel to come so I can kill them.That is not going to happen.Yes, that is not going to happen.Yes, it is the wizzard and angel.Now you going to die.No, you are going to die.What are you going to do.I found a spell to kill you.So what is that.Lizgodwizzardkill!
awhhhhhhhh, helpppppppppp me.What shound we do about the house on fire.I have a spell, Lizgodwizzardwater.You put out the fire wizzard.Yes I did angel.Thank you for saving me and my girlfriend.You welcome.Lets go to that house to see if anyone is not hurt.Okey, lets go.Okey no one is hurt.Yes lets go angel.


Seth says
OMG!  The saga continues.