Huh? versus Hmm....

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Note to self - write an item about the Huh? disease. Some say the Hmmm... placebo works, eh?
Well make it so!
Well said!

Such is the sound someone makes when something is encountered that one does not understand. That is, that which is encountered does not match preconceived notions & a head full of concept making & anchored in beliefs.
... the sound someone is about to grok a new experience is Hmmmm...... The sound of not knowing - of wonder & contemplation - about to know or experience.
... giggling & laughter - the sound of Eureka & the echo of HoTei.


  1. hmm ...
  2. huh


Mark de LA says
seth 2013-12-10 11:46:50 16957
yes ... well said indeed .   my perpetual question, however, is ... How many m's are there in the word?
Good subject for contemplation ... probably similar in length to the sound made while experiencing something & eating something really tasty ... maybe a metaphor shall erupt here.

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