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Leading by example.

If the White House was so confident that “the product is good” and Americans are “willing to be patient,” then they would have been eager for a photo op of the president signing up with other happy customers. But there was no photo op.

And finally, to cap it all off, Obama waited until the last minute to sign up. If the president was so enthusiastic about signing up for Obamacare, why wasn’t he customer No. 1 when the exchanges opened in October? Or when the government relaunched the website in November?

In other words, the president signed up for Obamacare coverage he does not intend to use, skipped the disastrous website he forced millions of Americans to navigate, had someone else do the paperwork for him, chose the cheapest possible plan to avoid the premiums he is imposing on others and waited until the last possible moment to decide whether he wanted to cough up $400 a month as a symbolic show of solidarity.

That’s symbolic all right — but not in the way the White House intended.

If the president really wants to show solidarity with the rest of America, there is an easy way for him to do so. While he needs to have doctors on call at all times when he is in office as a matter of national security, once he leaves office that is another matter. Will the president agree to give up his free military health care when his presidency is over? Will Obama live under Obamacare once he is a private citizen?

If you believe he will, you probably still think you can keep your doctor.


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