accepting differences is so very much a good part of our humanity

About: the doctor is in: dr. oz offers cold remedies from around the world -

aka "vive la difference"
  1. got a gestalt watching the manicured black girl acting in the media on NBC's the today show tasting different teas for colds from various cultures.  
  2. turmeric and honey from india,
  3. garlic orange and honey from italy,
  4. medicinal erbs from china - she viably didn't like it
  5. ...
  6. her reactions were specific and peculiar. 
  7. accepting (recognizing) differences in others is so very much a good part of our humanity.
  8. this gestalt was more a feeling than these words can describe.


  1. note my off top of my head recollections were understandably inaccurate
  2. my focus was more on her reactions than the difference of the teas


  1. otherness
  2. empathy
  3. humanity
  4. culture
  5. respect for otherness
  6. acceptance
  7. diversity


Seth says
M1g0r 2014-01-31 07:13:43 17052
  • Hmmm....
  • nothing to do with groups & classifications of peoples here.
  • vive la differences
  • though.
  • a rainbow rarely fails to catch one's attention

  1. The purpose of this item for me was to record the gestalt so that i might be able to reproduce it.
  2. It was rather subtle, and i got just a glympse.
  3. Im not sure i can feel that again but i will continue to try.
  4. Did you watch the about video?
  5. Did you watch Tamron's reactions and try to feel as she was feeling?


  1. When you hear me say "otherness" i am pretty sure you do not think about the same identical thing that i am.
  2. When you hear me say "groups", i seriously doubt that you think about the same thing i think about when i say it.
  3. I suspect that because you rarely respond to my intended meaning when i use these words.
  4. Either that or you intentionally misinterpret my words to do rwg ... but no, that could not be.


  1. Tamron Hall was experiencing samples from various cultures.
  2. i am not Tamron and i am not a performer on broadcast news and i am not even a woman nor am i black
  3. consequently i am otherness to her ... she is otherness to me
  4. Tamron probably has not tasted those drinks from other cultures before ... they were new to her
  5. i could almost feel her reactions (empathy)
  6. and how she expressed them - me trying not to judge
  7. though i still feel she is chiggy
  8. that is how this gestalt was about groups and classifications of peoples
  9. but it was really more about otherness
  10. and differences experienced
  11. which, of course, is what creates groups
  12. and the need for empathy

M1g0r says
seth 2014-01-31 08:38:28 17052
source: mark
  • Most of what I see is that Seth complains "you don't get me - you don't hear me"
  • I share the same feeling
  • Maybe d'A post on facebook sums it up just as well


well there is that actually happening in both of us and in d'A ... and i have heard that from both of you before ... and actually noticed you doing it.

you and nate do it much more than i have noticed it being done by others ... except perhaps Jason, who does it a whole lot. 

My thing is to try not to do that.  And i totally am aware that i am not completely successful at it.  In fact my concept of respect for otherness is the denial that this must needs always be there.

If you believe that the meme above is always so, then you will never be able to understand my meme of respect for otherness. 

Hopefully my accusations above will not sour your belly so much that you won't be able to get to the good bolded stuff.

  • for some mind-reading evaluation of the word that
  • or an illustration of the point in the picture itself by you
  • how much of my vive la difference posting have you brushed aside, eh?
  • so that your universe prevails as separate, eh?
  • or not
  • look at the why of that!

Seth says
  1. "vive la difference" is pretty much the same attitude as "respect for otherness"
  2. it is NOT mirroring ... or projecting

  1. the meme you invoked
  2. me thinks was trying to make mirroring or projecting an unavoidable fact of our relationship 
  3. ... er, a virtue out of a bad habit
  4. or so i thought.

Seth says

some more watched impressions ...

Seth says
seth 2014-01-31 13:17:03 17052
source: mark
  • I didn't say it was
  • You introduced mirroring
  • d'A lives in his own universe which is the picture I borrowed
  • my statement stands you not hearing me while ..
  • complaining that I am not hearing you
  • rest is BS munging

... this is projecting myself onto others

rather than perceiving their otherness.


... is just the same thing backwards.

if i am seeing a reflection of myself, i am not perceiving your special unique character. 

in other words, when you do that, you are mirroring yourself.

Seth says
source: mark
  • As I have said supply your own words & rephrasing just illustrates the picture & the point not otherwise
  1. needless to say so are you
  2. shall we do it again?

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