new comcast (modem) is also public wifi hotspot

"The cable modem doubles as a Wi-Fi router" that much he was expecting. But he didn't realize the router would, by default, broadcast a public Wi-Fi network that anyone with a Comcast account could connect to.
... .   i must have the old one.


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Einaian says
They offered me a new one when my old moden expired that has a WiFi . They said I needed to password protect the thing just like any other Wi-Fi. I rejected the one with WiFi & opted for the one without for broadband phone.

Seth says
Einaian 2014-08-24 08:26:11 17071
seth 2014-08-24 08:11:47 17071
Was it because you didn't want WiFi in your house, or a security concern, or an economic one, or what ... ?
I already had one. I don't need more flashing lights & two wifi networks.  I got one some while back for my wireless printer. I have a dual router both wifi & cable. I keep my computers on cable.

oh.   i also have a separate router providing my wifi for my house ... and don't need the other one from Comcast.   however, we thought the modem that bundeled our home phone was a better economic choice and i think they bundle this other wifi with that modem.  but i have never even mucked with it ... i'm trusting Comcast that they have not opened a security risk.

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