here are some elements of humanity.  i am sure these are not the only ones.  and i am pretty sure that some are not even elements.  and i am sure that some of them are not even completely just of humanity and not the universe or belong just as much to other species.  i collect them here just to record them external to my pee brain so that we can look at them and think.  i doubt that the sequence of their appearance here is important.  but just for the fun of it, let's start with a numbered list ...
  1. I am single, a mere one, isolated from that which i am not ... see walls.
  2. ... but there are others.  me and not me, that kind of makes two of us.  But all joking aside things do oppose each other so that the more of one the less of the other ... notwithstanding that each is on its own is pure within itself (see #1) ... but taken together the two might fight, each the other.
  3. of course we don't stop there ...  I break free of the tyranny of a binary fight and add an alternative ... we transcend
  4. ...

not so very sure this will come to me in a sequence here ...

  1. individuals form groups
  2. individuals give up some of their sovereign power in trade for the power of a group
  3. individuals are in many groups
  4. groups nest and became like individuals to each other
  5. the objectivism of ayn rand creates an attitude that glorifies the individual and demeans the group
  6. perhaps marx does the opposite
  7. biology blends, harmonizes, mashes up, mungs both (5 and 6) (see how a body grows) ...
  8. ...
  9. TIMING - very important element - not quite sure where to put it
  10. ...
  11. context ... and changeing context - also important, not quite sure how to fame it as an element
  12. ...
  13. ... we can and do think outside of our own minds.  notwithstanding our sovereign insides <-- rusty provoked this one just now coincidentally on facebook
  14. ...
  15. we can hide inside our walls where subjectively we experience  sovereign freedom

to be continued.  these are just notes.


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