The Declaration Of My Personal Independence

When I take my attitude from my own individual perspective, then i must truly say to myself I am responsible for my thoughts, feelings, and deeds.  Since i am the only person who is privileged to know my thoughts, feel my feelings, and do my deeds; then i must take full credit and blame for them.  In a sense that is the "Declaration Of My Personal Independence" ... it declares that I am a free man.  I do not say it lightly, or with irony.  That perspective is the only one that i can honestly take.

The paradox is I can not  limit my responsibility only to myself and be quite so very free and independent.  For were that freedom quite so limitless, i could intend and effect whatever changes solely myself. Yet I have found that is not factually the case.  There are many things that i can intend to change ... even want to change ... even, in my opinion, should be changed ... yet they cannot be changed unless i cooperate with other people.  These changes are not trivial matters to me.  I will not be oblivious to their happening.  They are among the changes which might  eventually make  the mankind of the future spectacularly better than it is today.  In my sovereignty i accept the responsibility for these things happening or not.

Now let me talk to you ... and by "you" i mean any human being who happens to be reading this.  You might reasonably think, "Hey your intended changes are not on my agenda, go mind your own business".  You are, after all, a sovereign human just like me.  In which case i would totally agree and i would do likewise.  But what if you agree with me, that these changes should happen and we form a bond to cooperate to make them happen.  In fact the only way these changes will happen, is if we to cooperate to manifest them. 

Now some people exclude these kind of changes from their responsibility ... and that solves their paradox.  One simply says, what will be, will be ... whatever happens is good ... and one synchronizes ones intentions with what actually is happening and/or what one can make happen on their own ... no cooperation from others at all necessary.   In that state, everything that is done feels very good.  I have done that myself and actually quite like the feeling ... so I certainly understand and respect when people espouse that attitude. 

I however do not choose that attitude as always controlling my being.  Rather at times i choose that some of the changes that, me thinks will contribute to the future glory of humanity, and which require others cooperation, are more important, even to me, than my personal feeling of synchronicity.   So then maintaining that cooperation becomes my responsibility, notwithstanding its temporary conflict with my other intentions. 

If you bother to read this at any depth, please consider it a work in progress.


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Seth says
Einai 2014-03-14 08:28:05 17170
Einai 2014-03-14 07:48:28 17170
The question that arose this morning & is very pertinent here is : Who is driving the train of "I" which is so personally independent? The other side of cooperation is opposition.  Some do oppose what you think is best. They may even oppose it with cooperatives of their own.  Such is the domain of politics & other domains like science, technology & economics & healthy nutrition. If you are on a train who is the conductor in your life. You pretty much laid that down here.  But, who laid down the rails. What station are you in. etc.  the metaphor is fascinating to play with. The conductor controls the consciousness, maybe or maybe not.

The train metaphor is a pretty good one since it maps well into a train of thought or a train of feelings or thotons & cythots.

Well it doesn't feel like driving to me ... whether on tracks or in free-form.  It just doesn't feel that way.  Rather it feel more like flashes of awareness ... and me there examining and connecting the dots ... to better to grock and to feel the experience.

Certainly the flip side of cooperation is opposition.  Sometimes opposition makes the other cooperation stronger ... sometimes it kills it.  Seems to me that is part of the strength of diversity ... that that grand and glorious being called humanity that is part of life itself .

Seth says
... anyway.

The distinction between what is inside or outside myself is frequently arbitrary, often ambiguous, and certainly open to my interpretation...

... so too must necessarily be the source of my experience.

Therefore, I can take a view that my experience is sourced from inside myself... or alternatively from outside myself. 

Some people prefer to view their experience being caused form outside ... especially bad experience ... then they see themselves as a victim.  Others prefer to view their experience being caused by themselves ... especially good experience ... then they feel themselves as god like.

Me, i like to use my intelligence and try to be objective in  determining  the source of my experience ... good or bad.

Seth says
Einai 2014-03-14 11:49:58 17170
seth 2014-03-14 11:41:27 17170
Einai 2014-03-14 11:21:52 17168
seth 2014-03-14 10:52:56 17168
Einai 2014-03-14 09:41:57 17168
seth 2014-03-14 09:16:28 17168
Einai 2014-03-14 07:36:58 17168
seth 2014-03-14 05:52:36 17168
Very interesting indeed.  Credit and blame are in my ontology.  I can't conceive of how otherness exists without them.  Now i certainly can ignore and become oblivious to who does what, for in fact in most cases it really does not matter to me.  I do prefer the synchronicity with the universe that attitude entails ... it feels quite good.  Yet there are some paradoxes for me in supposing that i can always keep that attitude.  I went into these at some depth in my "Declaration Of My Personal Independence" ... and won't bore you with them here again.
Yeah, I don't quite know what it has to do with here.  Maybe there is something - maybe not.

Well certainly it has to do with your idea here.  Just compare your first sentence, "The other idea I woke up with AM was what would it be like if I removed blame from my ontology? " to my second sentence, "Credit and blame are in my ontology".  So i am comparing the way you are contemplating being to the way i am contemplating being and pointing out that they are almost opposite.  Bear in mind that i am not claiming that mine is right or good or true ... and yours the opposite ... no, not at all.  Rather i am, more or less sharing my train of being in relationship to that with you, hoping perhaps that you will inform it.  Like i said, that Declaration was a work in progress. 

Incidentally, this is not just a  Seth/Mark thing for me, rather it is a Seth/Others &/or Seth/Society relationship that it seems i have been working on all of my life.  Sometimes i feel like getting that relationship right is substantially what I (Seth, Sum, Vidar, Bozo, Faust) am really all about.  That I hear you are thinking in the same area about yourself suggests to me that some honest communication in that particular area may be useful.
Mine was rooted in the idea that putting blame outside is counter-productive & escapable maybe. How is that opposite from yours specifically? 

Considering blame/credit to be always inside (or always outside for that matter) is almost opposite to thinking it is sometimes inside and sometimes outside.   For me it is really a matter of discovering the particular source of the deed.  If you jam your finger in my nostril, you are the source of that deed ... it did not come from inside me (sorry to keep using that example, but it is such a beautiful one).  If i take credit for your deed, then me thinks i am not only lying to myself ... but also making a mockery of my taking responsibility for the time i punch you in the nose.  This really does come down to me respecting your otherness.  If i take credit for your deeds, i certainly am not respecting that freedom of action you have, that i find so important for myself.

Now that said, I totally agree, it is not necessary and even contra-productive for me to judge and accuse you of misdeeds.  "Judge not least ye be judged", expressed that better than i ever will.  But that rubric does not prescribe being unaware and/or oblivious to sources of deeds.  Me thinks that where the sources of deeds becomes irrelevant, then so does the very freedom of living my life.  You may have noticed that for the LOA philosophy of never placing blame and credit outside, needs the idea of your universe going inevitably in the right direction to even work.  I think it actually robs me of my chosen freedom ... rendering it quite irrelevant.
Maybe you should take credit for moving your nose in the trajectory of my giving you the finger simultaneously & blame yourself for the arrogance that I was saluting with my finger at the time which, probably to this day you do not acknowledge.
The rest should probably be moved to your declaration because my freedom just says I can't relate to it in the context & attitude I sired this item for. Such can be moot if you persist.

Shirley you jest .
Yep that is how I remember it - mainly because I was so very surprised that you hit me for an accident. I presume now that you were showing off for Stewart.  Too bad the proprietor didn't let me return the favor. It was one of those vortex moments like the time you got popped while going to work at the drug store on a bicycle -or- I was jailed while trying to drop off my laundry in my home mall - a story for another time. I forgive you - no need to continue the RWG here. Do it on your own item if you must continue it & I will ignore it.

Well, wiggy wobby woo bar ... i was certainly not accusing you of being in the wrong here ... and there was no RWG going on untill you just now mentioned it.   I can only surmise that you took my arbitrary example personally ... were i to write that again i would choose something less personal. 

Oh well, your always listening heard RWG again where it was not intended ... and, for you, apparently stopped any useful inquiry into the subject. 

Incidentally ... on the bright side ...  your contrafactual explanation of how you deem yourself not responsible for your own actions is the funniest thing i have heard so far this year!
... RWG, eh?  .... my RWG too ? ... Shirley you jest.  But, strangely enough i really do not know. 

Seth says
note to self.  reread this declaration and see if it correctly separates attribution from judgement.  

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