Infrastructure sucks money & ??? out of taxpayers



Seth says
still and all it is a good question ... who will build the roads?

Mark de LA says
maybe the people who have other than political reasons to have them . maybe bridges to nowhere will cease to be built as well. private enterprise has the labor, material, know-how etc to build roads.  Government doesn't build roads at all can't!
After the last big quake in LA that destroyed part of the 10 or 101 or ? a company was given incentive to repair & rebuild quickly & did so while government was making long estimates & trying to get huge sums of money to do the job in years.
Right-sized government is what is required; government in dynamic balance - expanding & contracting as the times & conditions change.

Mark de LA says
seth 2014-03-18 07:36:00 17181
well private companies almost alway do the building.  the army corps of engineers is the only exception to that that i know of.   so, me thinks, you will find that it was in fact the government who "gave the company who rebuilt the 101 an incentive" ... hardly a contra example.
The Army corps of engineers uses stuff built by private contractors.
Government is normally a disincentive.  Notice how today's government jobs programs are working today.
Government didn't & doesn't give anything to anyone that it hasn't already taken away from the taxpayers or people or somebody else.

Mark de LA says
seth 2014-03-18 08:07:12 17181
ok ... er, whatever.  in any case, the answer to the question in the visual meme, is "nobody".

you don't like government ... especially over blown government ... well, surprise, surprise, neither do i. 

causing the infrastrucure of the nation to be built is one of the essential functions of our government.  the only thing we should be discussing is how to do it right. 
  • Find that in the U.S. Constitution - please!
  • The answer is NOT GOVERNMENT! The answer is NOT NOBODY!  - is there anybody in todays hoi polloi that wants to be responsible themselves for what is happening?

Mark de LA says
NOW - more than ever!