Being .. Doing .. Having - Distinctions Can BE Made

Doing - just do it - moving the body or mind around the outer or inner world (doing some work in the physics sense of the word, perhaps) - is the most well known distinction.  Some think, though, that they are doing when all they are doing is doing acting, pretending, seeming to be while not actually being much more than an Ego stroking itself.
Having is usually temporary & describes what one has a grasp of & calls his. I witnessed a magnate on a skyscraper in NYC on TV (Rich & Famous) point to buildings below & say "that one is mine ...." . Actually all he laid claim to is his name on some papers & the ability, somewhat, to cause action with regard to the buildings via money & legalities.  I say I have my physical body for the duration of life in that I can cause it to move in very subtle ways or gross ways at my beck & call.
Being is the least distinct.  Some say that one can be a champion tennis player without ever picking up a racket or the balls. Such is like being able with all the impulses available at one's beck & call for anything relative to championship tennis playing. Being is like an abstract of principle of creating an event while not like anything at all.
Of course no picture can be taken or drawn of being, but can be drawn or snapped of doing & having.
Maybe Being is describable in language as anything which can be manifested by putting the suffix ing at the end of stuff or action. i.e the pregnancy of the moment for an .


  1. having
  2. doing
  3. being
  4. fucking


Seth says
hmmm ... thinking about this stuff this way is new to me. 

Can you show me a picture of having, which does not also show me a picture of somebody doing something?   Can you show me a picture of something being, which is not just the effect it did to your camera?  I think what i am saying is it seems to me that , being, doing, and having are just different aspects of the same thing, and not really distinctions from each other.

Seth says
There are at least 2 sentences here that i cannot for the life of me guess what you meant. They are, "Being is like an abstract of principle of creating an event while not like anything at all." and "i.e the pregnancy of the moment for an".

For me, "ing" turns a noun into an action, ie something that is being done.  For example:  telephone, telephoning ... thought, thinking ... deed, doing ... etc.   Perhaps nouns just are ... in other words they just be ... or in this parlance they are be ing.  They are doing what it is they do in the universe.  That way of thinking kind of does make doing the substance of the universe .... no?  

Mark de LA says
Einai 2014-03-30 08:31:40 17230
Maybe ... maybe not.  Can't take a picture of being - since it is NOT A THING.
Yep, these are a munge for most people like Bozo.
Doing is usually action, but thinking is a action just something going on inside the mind or cognition apparatus.
Yep, when I read it back later the stuff about "ing" seemed more abstract than I intended; being is a hard topic to write about without going abstract. 
Peter wrote a whole book about it, essentially.

It is easy to say Bozo has apple. It is easy to say he is having an apple.  The etymology of it apparently is in dispute but resolved online here.  I went a bit farther to the absurdity of having more than one can do anything with. Maybe one not having a closed mind on the subject needs to watch the current movie The Wolf of Wall Street for some contemporary notions.
Being is NOT doing. I hold it more like the jism of doing (in all forms) that which causes the Universe to become pregnant with new things & old things reborn etc.  A bit poetic but maybe someone will someday get the point.

Cryptic occult & overt clues here in Tai Shu commentary thwan #50
In all the moons move, the planets move, the suns move & the galaxies move & even collide - not all by accident - such motion is eternal. As above - so below (Hermes).

Mark de LA says
seth 2014-03-30 11:46:10 17230

Modern psychology calls all doing, thinking, and feeling, "behavior".  That works for me and clarifies all of the confusion between the fact that thinking is doing something and so is feeling.  Thing is thinking is cheap and has no manifest consequences, likewise for feeling ... for me, it is when i know that my behavior will manifest consequences that i start to call it "doing". 

For me, "having" is just about the most abstract concept of which i can conceive.  On the tangible side all i can get from it is some legal and/or social relationship that I have to some thing or process ... er, a social habit of thinking.  As you may know, there are cultures which do not even have the word in their vocabulary and would be quite baffled as to what we mean by it.  Not a concept that i feel good about using near the top of my ontology. 

You say, "Being is NOT doing" ... but you might mean "A being is not something that is done".  I don't know, you tell me.  

Then you go on to say, "I hold Being more like the jism of doing (in all forms) that which causes the Universe to become pregnant with new things & old things reborn etc."

... which to me sounds like a very poetic way of  saying,  "Doing it makes it happen and has consequences"  ... er, and feels like jizzum cumming out my dick ...
Well, yes, absolutely !!! 
Yep modern psychologists munge-up just like a Bozo. Classification collects similarities which is what academics do; removing distinctions all along the way. Analysis goes in the opposite direction savoring the distinctions till they are all absorbed into being. If this is still confusing enough to go dirty with I can make it private again.

Mark de LA says
Maybe further elaboration here from Erhard haven't watched it yet.

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