What is Interest - Being Interested?


I can follow the etymology tree to the individual meanings of the traditional meaning of interesting:


The Chinese above left is deep etymology is a nose above the heart.  When I focus on what an experience of such might be it is interesting.

What is interest? What generates interest? What is the other pole of obsession the middle point of which is interest? disinterest? uninterested? bored with? etc? Maybe Lucifer, maybe Ego (does it involve ME?)

Maybe the word interestedness can be tendered as

yooai via this at yellowbridge.

Maybe even wouyeetiwee 

Ming & possibly Chinese are pictures calling & recalling up experience or ideas. It is interesting to take the pictures apart & see how they are made of other pictures. I am struggling here to find a ming for interestedness or interest based on current ming words. In English the words & sentences don't recall the individual letters of the alphabet.  At best the prefixes & suffixes have independent meaning from the root ideas. Ming is like hieroglyphics.


  1. interest
  2. interested
  3. attracted to
  4. interestedness


Mark de LA says
Then too there is the English Etymology here - connected to Ego & Being.

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