A drawing of NOWs in my life

The three major functions of our being navigate it within the world.

Inside the skin of our being is our history ... our habits ... the vectors of our functions change us into the future.


thoughts and feelings and actions push and pull us in various arrangements

as we flow into the dynamic world of event and interaction with others

some of us sometimes swim with the current

others times against it

The river of our culture comprises history ... cultural habits ... moving into the future.

Note the orientation of the though, feeling, and willing vectors of each NOW vary as well as their orientation to the external stream.

to understand this representation, picture the arrows in various configurations.  each now in the stream is probably different.  some are all oriented together, others twist and conflict or confuse each other. 

i have not invented a grammar of these yet, and probably never will.  so the specifics of the configurations pictured here are insignifiant ... what is significant is that there are vectors pulling with and or against each other and the stream itself and even the past. 

the background of the diagram above should be more like Lynn's picture of the proverbial river ...


This wallyby-model-symbol of life would be better expressed as a art form ... perhaps even with Chinese brush strokes.

it represents abstractly experiences of life in relation to the flow of external events with emphasis on thinking, feeling, and doing.


looking in my own blog for a friend about Black River i found one of my own pictures that is just about as close as i can get to the intention behind the rendition above... it is a Blue Huron flying over the south side treatment facility.


... or with more tranquility ...  like this

thanks Andres M. Trianon for your post.


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Seth says
each NOW is unique connected to whatever context shows up within the stream of my life and springs from my past.

Seth says
seth 2014-04-22 12:43:08 17301
ME 2014-04-22 12:41:44 17301
seth 2014-04-22 12:39:16 17301
ME 2014-04-22 12:11:56 17300
seth 2014-04-22 12:08:34 17300
ME 2014-04-22 11:30:33 17300
looks like all PAST to me.

does not feel that way as it happens.  the three vectors pull with or against each other as they push and pull against the streme ... that actually feels good most of the time.  How are your attitudes towards what you are calling "PAST" working for you?
Just fine - I have no confusion about it at all. Thanks! My epiphany yesterday morning just crisped up a lot which is missed by most of those who are confused as to what Being is!

Well apparently you are thinking that we point to different things with the symbol "being".  If you want to communicate your epiphany, i am all ears.  You needant use my words at all ... use your own ... but talk enough about the thing so that your epiphany emerges from them in my mind.  Or, not.  your choice
DONE! Already 17311

Fine ... FYI i don't think i got the whole thing.
I am not the grand explainer. It is up to you to move on or think about it. Saves time & excess words & empty diagrams & personal meanings.

Seth says
ME 2014-04-22 11:34:13 17301
I think you have confused moments with NOW. I once imagined time as being a string of moments like beads together in an infinity of infinity shapes similar to:

well English words like "NOW" and "moments" can be associated with whatever in different people's minds.  to communicate what is behind those associations, it is best to elaborate.

i get that you are dissociating what you point to with the words "NOW/BEING" from time ... and that your be-ing is quite independant of that which clocks measure. 

For me I cannot honestly disassociate any instance of my be-ing(s) that i experience from my History and those experiences which preceded it ... but i can imagine that i do.   But that is just me.  I'm happy for you, have fun with it ... er, even have fun with me and others with it if you will ... or not ... what more is there to say.

Seth says
source: mark
I don't live in vector concepts. Confusing concepts with actuality is a common problem by some.

... well, yes of course ,if that is being done, it is a problem.  Mark, it is just a picture.  Do you really think i am confused about that?

Seth says
source: mark
I am particularly dissociated from your be-ing(s) & your redefin-ings & your not-me(s). & your butt hay stacks. Your words are different from my words ... etc.
... Yeah i get that ... er, no problem.    Thing is if we want to communicate we have to work with these words untill they mean at least similar things to both of us.  Being extremely terse and just expecting that the stings "now" and "being" are goinging to transmit the interperted meaning from you to me is not going to happen, nor will changing the topic do any good.

But, hey, we don't need to see the same thing.  You be you ... i be me ... no need to communicate at all. 

Seth says
Einai 2014-04-28 09:22:37 17301
Stream of Consciousness sometimes bumping into an iceberg of an event, sometimes set fire with a willing deed, maybe thrilled with a taste of an idea or a musing over a pot of chicken soup.

yes pretty much ... i think you got it

rather than being particular, as in your description above, the art from wants to express the dynamic texture of the flow.  it does that by being abstract, rather than loosing the forest for the trees. 

i'm thinking of getting out the old chinese brushes and ink setup ... and evolving the little three appendage psyche thingies.  most of the message(s) will be in the different ways the appendages are oriented in relationship to the stream. 

i have a image in my mind that actually portrays synchronicity ... perhaps even in some of its glory ...  but i need to develop not just quite a bit of art technique to put it down. 

think about it ... synchronicity is where you ask and it is answered ... need and it is provided ... when you reach out, there it is ... harmonious sync as swimming with the stream. 

Seth says
a different image of our consciousness flowing into the river ...

Mark de LA says
seth 2014-05-04 12:29:17 17301
source: me on integrety

a great metaphor indeed

me i particularly liked his, "Integrity is actually a phenomenon in and of itself�"one that goes beyond what we might mean by morality or ethics. It’s one that has more to do with authenticity�"being true to ourselves�"and it is the foundation for power and effectiveness."

but then he goes on to link that to consistency of being and a presumption of context insensitivity. there i get a conflict, for to be authentic and true to myself, i must admit that i change and that i think, feel, and act according to the context in which i experience at each moment of my life. If i gave that up, i would certainly feel inauthentic and lacking in integrity.

This is wierd to be arguing the same point in 2 places:
Mark Russell Yeah, not understanding his words "When we live our lives consistent with OUR WORD, when we experience ourselves as whole and complete, we create the possibility of freedom and power. - can confuse. It is not like saying "Do what thou wilt" but I get to change my mind as I please at any time. Even I say what I do & do what I say has caveats to clean it up if extremis conditions exist. I suspect that "what thou wilt" is the confusing part for you dear Bro. (;-

Seth says


These two kinds of diagrams need to be integrated into one kind of diagram.

In the process of thinking how to do that it dawned on me that the mind network and the world of being and consequence cannot be drawn in different space and at the same time show how a three part being swims in each.  Doing navigates the static, and thinking navigates the network, yet they are attached together. 

Seth says
this comment also goes here ...

seth 2014-05-13 07:58:56 17375
source: mark
The above could be the negative side of something like guilt about not doing something.  I would get on the positive side. What you describe above is not what the thelemic motto is about - imho. The notion of will-power, most people are afraid of not having, may be somewhere in there; rhythm & practice & consciousness strengthens the will (the PR thingy).  Like RS & GW have said a lot what we are seeking in focus upon will is mostly unconscious in the ordinary human experience.
What happens when you prepare a meal without any internal dialogue going on in your head about anything at all - kinda a zen exercise?

... well yes of course.   As you should be able to tell i am in the process of recognizing the experience ... not judging it.  In the case above it is about the background against which the thingey is distinguished.  If you think about it this must have come from GW's exercise of trying to become conscious of will.  Thing is, when will works, it and the doing are indistinguishable ... as, er, they, er, should be. 

You have a good example there, with preparing a  meal when my will is in sync with the kitchen and the cooking ... it is effortlessness power ... er, Zen if you want to call it that. 

So to me it is all about timing and alignment of my being ... it is a dynamic attitude.  There is right will and wrong will ... and turbulence and obliviousness. 

The thing is to get the words right so we know between ourselves of what we speak ... and that itself is not about the words ... you cannot get there by studying the derivation of these words and the relationship between those marks.

Seth says
i'm wondering if Paul Ewing's picture entitled Wilderness of the Mind has any bearing on this item

Seth says
Einai 2014-07-10 07:16:40 17301
As my consciousness is aware of a turd stretching my asshole with pressure I move to the toilet & beget a turd ... no abstract narrative occurs at all. I do not need to diagram a flow chart to accomplish the birth of a turd.

hmmm ... so that is your storie of what happened, .... ok!   There are a zillion other ones based upon that self same kind of event.  That just is the nature of the beast here.  That is the way the metaworld is connect to the world.

Now let us ask how it might be would there be no stories like this  ... what if we would not be able to describe this event at all and think think about it.    That is the case where there is no narrative

Then contemplate cases where the event is caused by yourself intentionally.  I say that sans narrative, there can be no intentionality.  I just cannot make any sense of a intentional deed that is not acted within some story.  Even if one is not totally conscious of a wider context in which the deed happens, that does not imply that the wider context does not exist. 

... er, when i think more about this, i think i can say that "narrative is context" .... same thing.   And that my awareness of a deed is just my knowledge of the context in which it happened. 

Something to think about, eh?

Seth says
seth 2014-07-10 05:58:13 17280
Incidentally when  "My Consciousness commands & my body obeys",  then i think I can say that I have a conscious narrative.  It is just like saying, "I have a plan", or "I have a goal", or perhaps even, "I know what I am doing".

Thing is this word "narrative" allows us to talk about more than just ourselves, more than just this single individual.  Using it we can talk about a whole group of people.  What is this group doing?  Where are we going today?  What is our narrative?  What is our story?  Should we plan something different?  How should we change the narrative?

I think using this "narrative" word, allows us to start talking about how thought is connected to will within some being, whether it is just ourselves or our threefold society. 

Or we can look at it this way, the top arrow is the narrative.

Seth says
... or maybe its more like this

Seth says
seth 2014-08-05 03:43:52 17594
Einai 2014-08-04 14:22:06 17594
seth 2014-08-04 13:05:26 17594
thinking a thought and feeling its truth, does not bind one always to do so.  the very nature of thinking is that it is not bound to the actuality of experience.  that is part of its strength ... and perhaps part of its weakness too. 
Yeah, sometimes ..

Well to figure out what my notion of "binding to the actuality of experience", i contrast thinking to doing.  With doing we are always bound to the consequences of our actions.  Not so with thinking. We can think whatever and it may not have any consequences.  Yeah, sometimes my thinking represents the actuality of my experience ... when it does, it rings true ... but no that is not always the case with all of my thoughts and the thoughts I entertain from others.
this thought belongs in this context too.

Seth says

and perhaps swim to an edge ...

River's Edge - Lynn Bawden 

 ... thanks Lynn ...

Seth says
i'm wondering if this imforms this metaphor ...

Seth says
after reading this i am tempted to add some more vectors to my model.  certainly life (etheric) belongs here ... and the model is incomplete without it.

Seth says
Eiamistic 2015-05-27 08:32:40 17301
seth 2015-05-27 07:47:42 17301
Eiamistic 2015-05-26 20:11:43 17301
seth 2015-05-26 19:07:01 17301
Eiamistic 2015-05-26 18:08:37 17301
I think you may be thinking of moments instead of nows.

What's the difference?
Moments are bigger than now & have time in them. ZisZ V.1 was written so that each chapter was the same kind of moment e.g. shitting.

Well in the context of ...
source: me above
Note the orientation of the though, feeling, and willing vectors of each NOW vary as well as their orientation to the external stream.
... each now is unique as to its orientation of thought, feeling, action and external event.  For example even though i pour the water in the coffee pot each morning as perfectly the same as possible ... each pour is specific and unique to that particular now.  I live my life in those NOWS, not moments like ZisZ ... and sure there are similarities in the nows ... but it is the differences that come to my attention, the similarities just blend into the background habit and are hardly seen.  

Is it not the same with you?
NOPE! I don't experience vectors at all unless contemplating mathematical objects in my mind or navigating a ship via charts & navigational instruments.

Well i don't experience mathematical vectors either, nor did i imply such.

Each now that i do experience is full of particular thoughts, particular feelings, and particular actions, and particular sense impressions ... in particular proportions.  For example one now might be mostly a feeling of love, another might be me scrubbing a pot and feeling  the dirt washing away.  No experience of mathematical vectors there,  which vectors are used here only for the sake of representing in a general way specific instances. 

My question was asking are not each of your shits specific? (for example)  Or are they all the same moment?

Si says

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