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About: napolitano blasts feds - massive, stalinistic-like use of force - in nevada ranch standoff | fox news insider

Point missed in 17275 ~ 9 minutes in Judge Napolitano delares the federal government has no constitutional right to own land - so how do they get away with it?
P.S. It is not just in NEVADA!!!!!!


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Mark de LA says
What is the intent? One effect is that people are forced more into collecting in silos of big cities instead of spreading out in the name of saving environment or whatever. The political angle favors more government control & more voting blocks in large cities.
... just batting a few ideas out at this late time of the night.

Politics has become a complex game of the Chinese/Japanese game GO

Mark de LA says
Percent of states owned by the Federal government list & extract below

Mark de LA says
seth 2014-04-28 06:01:15 17332
sure looks like where the national parks are too me.  if we could find/make a map that factored out the large areas there that are national parks or military bases, then perhaps we could be able to focus on those, almost certainly smaller areas, that the government has not business to own.
No reason at all for them to OWN anything. The states can run their own parks.

Mark de LA says
Fascinating link to debunk &/or elaborate on some of the story. Looks like the info is mostly the government case.
It still amuses me that in a land called The United States of America the Union can take so much from the States & claim control & dominion over it all.

Mark de LA says
WashTimes: ...

How much land does the federal government own? A 2012 Congressional Research Survey said the federal government owns about 640 million acres, or 28 percent of the nation’s land mass. Roughly 90 percent of that property is in the West.

Put another way, one out of every two acres in the West is federally owned. In Nevada, the figure is 81.1 percent; in Alaska, 61.8 percent; in Utah, 66.5 percent; in Oregon, 53 percent. In Connecticut and Iowa, the federal government owns 0.3 percent of the land.