About the button for News.... Post  NO-LABEL  Perhaps if the button was entered in the order Height 44 Pix Width 46 pix as it was posted this mornin it would look the same height as the others. A bit confused as usually it is the height that determines the how it fits with the row.
If it does not here is a smaller one  which is Height 42Pix by 44Pix wide
  Let me know how this work out!


Winnie says
see the Newspaper sticks out to the side a bit that gives it a 3D look.If it does not work well like this I can size the Newspaper to fit on the button.

Seth says
It was entered as 44 x 46 ... here is the exact html that you see on a view source

So it is a bit of a . Only thing i can think of would be that there is more space
around the buttons that appear smaller. Could you check that in your image software?

Winnie says
When I rt clicked on it in the button bar selected properties it showed the reverse... Height 46 pix and Width 44 pix.... Odd. No prob tho. The space around is going to solve. Ill post it separate.