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Left out of the discussion is military & corporate slavery & slavery to the governments. taxation etc.
Jack Kenwick biography unavailable through search so take it as a bunch of ideas in a blog worth some investigation.

This is a new category of information which is interesting enough to verify including the source himself.  It might even politically incorrect to study this so watch out.


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Mark de LA says
There is a fascinating discussion of Left vs Right stuff here.
One of the reasons I started group UnhackTheBrain was to find a single portal to resolve the veracity of such items as this topic.  Probably won't happen any time soon given the propaganda portals & political parties have a megaphone compared to FastBlogIt.

Mark de LA says
Einai 2014-05-15 09:26:28 17385
See also equivocation which the conversation above may suffer.

Mark de LA says
seth 2014-05-15 09:59:15 17385
yeah kind of interesting pointers into the history of slavery here ... not sure what it really has to do with racial prejudice, one way or the other.  obviously it is easier for one race to enslave another because then they can objectify the other race as less than human.  so it seems to me that racism was sometimes used to justify slavery ... not the other way around which might see slavery as causing racism.   sorry, i do not  see the "inconvenient" part of what truth is here ... unless it is just another "you did it too" school boy taunt.

but military and corporate slavery ... well yes me thinks that should be recognized.  It is a kind of attitude adopted by wealthy people which sees those less affluent as less than human.  Same thingey, eh?
Yep, not posted as part of  s racism.  It was a long side track from  which I followed this AM .  I'm not (still not) sure what it was doing there.  It turns out it was as interesting as the BS on global warming, cooling, climate change, climate disturbance or whatever the boondoggie is called these days.

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