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I think AC's (Aleister Crowley) elements of reality should include not only ...
(a) an infinite variety of individuals
(b) an infinite variety of possibilities
... producing
(c) the infinite variety of events (an actuality susceptible of being conceived or observed).
... but also (a') an infinite variety of relationships between those individuals.

I think what AC refers to as "first order events" whose "reactions with other events produce events of the second order" and which include "a pair of contradictions in every" one ... is the same that i refer to as "spectrums" or "dualities".  He says these react to "produce events of the second order" which i take to be the garden variety of events of which we are more familiar.  

AC's example of first order events (i would call them "principles") reacting to create ...
This deluded ego does not understand that the stability it seeks is only possible by virtue of an infinitely elastic frictionless system of change.  Its ambitions are therefore both idiotic and suicidal.  " "
... is nothing short of brilliant , imho, ... presuming, of course, that first order principles exist a priori rather than being mere creations of a mind.

I suppose that AC's train of thought that concludes ...
... the cosmic catastrophe from the original error of making a difference between things which differed only insofar as one chooses to select on the principle of differentiation itself.  Right up to the actual state of affairs which confronts every human consciousness from birth, that delusion which persuades him that his sensory impressions possess an existence of their own instead of being, as they are meaningless conventions whose only function is to assist the composition of an intelligible reality.
... could be true enough if one takes "sensory impressions" to mean our subjective experiences ... for those are mere "conventions [which] function to assist the composition of an intelligible reality" ... and are not the things of the WORLD itself.  An observation which just about every other philosopher of mind whom i have read has noticed as well.  My worry here, of course, is that by a slight of  reference that his train arrives at WORLD itself being delusion

I like AC's description of ...
The original error in attributing a real difference or personality to the factitious difference, between various combinations of elements taken at random, having first led to the delusion that Change is destruction, and next to the obsession that awareness is anguish, brings matters to a climax by darkening the original understanding of all things wherein they appeared diverse yet identical because infinite, unique yet perfect; because interchangeable, in deliberate attempt to shut out pain by shutting out perception; that the nature of understanding itself was fundamentally shattered.   The identity-in-deversity of all things, the assurance of each by inclusion of a pair of contradictions in every idea, the absolute independence yet necessary interdependence of all things simply ceased to exist as a norm or consciousness.  Instead each fragment of thought was assumed to possess a separate existence, and was mistaken for reality. 
... reality here.  Thought does fragment our perception of reality creating a presumption that the WORLD itself is so fragmented ... but that is just as things seem  ... whereas everything must be UNIFIED  .... with dualities contributing to an event not disjoint from each other as they appear to us when we think.  Quite a bit of a gestalt there which yet needs of some meditation to completely realize and represent.

Perhaps to be continued ...


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Mark de LA says
Yeah? (b) an infinite variety of possibilities includes relationships - no need to tease them out as separate.
Yeah - nice wallaby that "by virtue of an infinitely elastic frictionless system of change"

Mark de LA says
I had a nice moment this AM sending T off to work. I noticed the blooming rose at the gate & how wonderful & colorful it was. Next to it on the bush was a rose that had finished it's brilliance & was crusty & falling apart. It was as if there was something out of time - the rose - not dependent upon my observation that grows there - the being of the rose - that not even an infinite number of snapshots could capture.

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