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There is no profit arguing different points of view.  The zodiac portrayed is philosophical viewpoints - not colors of the rainbow or the electromagnetic spectrum or politics or anything else.   Via our Sun signs (Mark & Seth) mine would be phenomenalism & yours would be dynamism. They are essentially perpendicular. Which is my real world experience in our vast corpus of interchange here at fbi anyway.  My mood is more gnostic while yours is empericism.  Again no profit in arguing in those moods our points of view against each other either.
I don't have any problem with mine & it works for me. I don't really have a farthing's worth of interest in changing methodology - mine or yours - especially by arguing at this time. So as far as any other item is concerned it may become low in priority for my eyeballs & interests as is.
Good luck finding whatever you seek for whatever reason you seek same.


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