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OMG ... this is what i am talking about ...
source: the whole dialogue between me and Lina
  • Lina Pogosov I will be canning tomatoes sometime this week, yes.
  • Lina Pogosov Not sure when...
  • Seth Russell any chance of needing more tomatoes ... and/or ... trading some canned jars for something else?
  • Lina Pogosov do you have a lot of tomatoes?
  • Seth Russell no, but mort does ... and i don't know if any are coming from the farm stand plots
  • Lina Pogosov do you know what kind?
  • Lina Pogosov I am sorry, who is Mort?
  • Seth Russell i do not know the kind. Mort is a farmer at the Sustainable Renton Community Farm ... i saw him last night and he said that his crop was just about ready to pick. i don't have his contact info, but Lara Pederson Randolph does. But i sure want some canned tomatoes ... i have been getting tin cans of those from Freddy Meyer for my Spaghetti sauce ... which i end up making quite a bit of over the year. Personally i could buy, trade, or give futures for my roasted pumpkin puree comming up prolly in October.
  • Lina Pogosov how many cans are you looking to get?
  • Seth Russell 3 or 4 quarts ... i don't want to be greedy


It looks like the newly forming DelridgeGrocery.CoOp is doing the same thing ... great minds see the same thing ...


How people acquire food ...

Advantages/Disadvantages of stores ...

Advantaes/Disadvantages of fast food ...

Advantages/Disadvantages of personal-drop site model of buying club without distribution network ...

Propose a weekly Renton Food Exchange Network  which ...

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People value the convenience of procuring the food they want to eat.  They want it there  and fresh when they want to prepare and eat it.  That dictates how fast food and grocery stores have evolved to perfectly to satisfy that need.  But at what a cost ..
  1. social isolation
  2. lack of awareness and sensitvity to what we eat
  3. health and safty left to government which falls prey to corruption
  4. quality falls prey to profit

To improve the situation in Renton we need to address the need to conveniently procure food without encoring the costs above. 

There are plenty of local (and semi local) sources of food comming into Renton.  We can list some

  1. Azure Standard
  2. Bleue Bell Meats
  3. The Food Hubs
  4. Our own Farms
  5. Local bakeries and Kitchens
  6. Farmers Markets


What we need is a person to person social exchange of food.  It is easy to find sources, Azure, Food Hub, etc.   But buying from these and getting the advantage of bulk means that we almot certainly need a exchange party.


source: me on facebook
We need to compete for their attention ... just like the rest of the grubbers.


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Seth says
Einai 2014-06-15 13:07:51 17479
Maybe inspiration - maybe not.

well yes lots of memes on the eat local facebook page .  getting beyond the memes to people's choices of actions is, of course, my thrust here.   Even in my own household these choices are made each day and not even usually oriented towards growth of this spirit. 

then i'm wondering now whether the thrust should be against fast food first ... and not right against the grocery store.  people, even me, are stuck in their habits and the habits of our culture ... it is easy to think of the alternatives ... not so very easy to actually implement them. 

this particular item is narrowly targeted and the retail food distribution system (network) and how to actually implement an alternative to the brutal convenience of fast food and pre process grocery store food.  We are going to setup a "farm stand" ... and have a "buying club" which nobody is really using now ... except one instance that i know of ... so, what parts of the actual behavioral haibits are missing and how to start a new habit of getting food ...

Seth says
source: mark cautions
[item 16769] is what can happen if one poses a challenge to the FDA or "local authority".  Please be careful.

... Yes we know ... note the link above, Problems: related to complying with government rules re food distribution .

This is where much of my own focus must be.  Food safety is important, yet preserving the economic advantages of existing enterprises corrupts the government process that is attempting to protect us.  It is a fine line that we will be walking to find a healthy balance ... walking that line is going to require precise knowledge and the capibility of political effect ... sans the emotional whoop-a-law juice that just works to preserve the status quo. 

... but a modicum of revolution does juice up our soul .

Seth says
Einai 2014-07-13 09:04:09 17479
Why this? Don't Farmers Markets work anymore?

I think farmers markets are a great working part of our food distribution network ... as such they provide a good alternative to the impersonal super market and fast food drive throughs.  But in many communities that are only run during a few months in the summer, are small, and do not include all food sources.   Then too some of the rules which structure these markets exclude some of the best sources of foods ... like family gardening, private fruit trees, home production of milk or eggs, and goods that have been canned or cooked. 

Then too personal food exchanges (parties) can become a social venue for building participation-in and excitement-about alternative networks.  I think it is the isolateing/privatizing aspect of the current food distribution network that makes it vulnerable to corruptions that do not have our health as their primary concern.  Personal food exchanges would work against those isolating/privatizing forces to increase our awareness of alternative networks that produce and distribute food for our health.

Seth says
Einai 2014-07-14 08:48:41 17479
seth 2014-07-14 07:48:32 17479
source: mark
Yep, I watched the Dr. Oz show a couple days ago on CHICKEN - 4 companies produce most of the chicken you can get through normal supermarkets. 
truly scary!

Yes ... thing is that dead chickens from those normal supermarket sources are very cheep and convient to gather.   We have Blue Valley Meats in our distribution network and i presume they have healthy chickens ... but our delivery is just once a month ... er, which i guess is just about as much chicken as i should eat anyway ... not totally sure about that.
I take advantage of my toothlessness (almost 5 left on the bottom) to eat mostly vegetables since meat doesn't dissolve very well unless mixed with a lot of saliva for a long time.  I do eat eggs which are produced in mass for supermarkets.  I do purchase more local local eggs which have an organic FDA label.  The forces of the market & the principle or distinction of my penny is my vote on the way a company does its business has yet to gather a critical mass.  It is often confused with boycotts for the PC crowd. Practice selective spending & over time things will get better & not need harmful mass production.  Maybe practice selective spending for the way we buy our politicians & things will get better too.

Yeah we are pretty much together on most of that .   Personally I have no problem with eating chicken even though i have no teeth at all especially if it is cooked very moist.  Beef and Pork steaks are out of my network now ... though i have no problem with most Briskets.  Selective spending is exactly what our CoOp is all about ... so making the right choices practical and actually happen within all the other constraints is the tight-walk that we are trying to pioneer here in Renton.

Seth says

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