New Print Catalogs by Niche

The practical niche (coded with p) is trying to go to press today , October 14.  Black and White on this one ... database is coded for niche (according to this procedure)  ... and check out the nifty way to convert a print file for press to Black&White with the new inDesign here.  

 You should be able to view this first practical niche catalog at this link.

Format:  2 (or 3) x 8.5 by 11 sheets

To be produced for different market niches:
  1. p - Practical Tools - assigned to db page numbers  1 - 8 ( 9 -12 reserved for 3 sheets) .... to generate XML for just this 3 sheet print job use gen_print_xml_files.php?niche=p
  2. sheet 1 - 4
    • sheet 1:  page 1: 4 products .  logo on top & endicia on botton
  3. sheet 5 - 8
  4. sheet 9 - 12
  5. r - 13 - 20 religious
  6. n - Gifts & Novelties - assigned to db page number  21 - 28 (29 - 32 reserved for 3 sheets)
  7. c - 33 - 39 Childrens Educational Toys
  8. 40 - overflow gifts and novelties and toys
  9. h - Holidays - assigned to db page number 41 - 52
    1. hv - Valentine
    2. he - Easter
    3. hm - Mother’s Day ... not a niche "-"
    4. hf - Farther’s Day ... not a niche "-"
    5. hw - Halloween
    6. hx - Christman
    7. ht - Thanksgiving
  10. 53 - 56 unassigned 
  11. 57 - not in print --- but in CD
  12. 58 - NEW -
  13. 59 - overflow, currently P
  14. ---------------------------------------------^^ in CD and print catalogs
  15. 60 - only on the web
  16. --- 61 - 69  open for nieches but may need to alter program
  17. 70 - front door banners
  18. --- 71 - 88  open for nieches but may need to alter program
  19. 89 - catalog introductions and policies
  20. --- 90 - 98  open for nieches but may need to alter program
  21. 99 dead products

Note that the procedure to generate these catalogs is already pretty much the same as in the old print catalog procedure and programming.   Yet the following programming and procedural changes should be made ...

Procedure to prepare a niech broshire for press

  1. Denise will compose the niche pages
  2. Generate the XML for InDesign from any page with the XML button on the top.
  3. Generate the checker local html page with the Gen Local button
  4. FTP these back to ... directory
  5. Copy past this link to check picture for apparently local hyperlinks do not work
    • file:///Users/sethrussell/Documents/
  6. file:////Users/sethrussell/Google%20Drive/print%20projects/niche%20PT%20201408/local_pictures.html
  7. Import file to InDesign template
    1. --
    2. --

previous start on this project indicates how we could select customers for a mailing

Inevitably we need to name each niche with a code, see 2 character bold code above, and assign each customer to up to 3 niches. 


  1. speaktomecatalog
  2. print catalog
  3. niches
  4. selective advertising
  5. item 17583


Seth says
excellant text wrapping tutorial video

Seth says
bsics tutorial

Seth says

Seth says
  • then each tags must be mapped to a style
  • pull up the tags controls: window, utilities, Tags
  • then map tags to styles

Seth says
but first make the text styles used in the XML file: description, pagetext, trailer
  • window, styles, paragraph styles: double click to bring up style definition panel - name styles with their corresponding property name in the XML file

Seth says
Notes ... hopefully that are used just on the initial setup ... not on change catalog products or update.
  • place entire page from XML panel: select in XML panel, double click and hold, move to working page (the curor will change to a hand and will drop text when released)

Seth says
good tutorial on XML and tagging

Seth says
Einaian 2014-09-04 07:06:09 17583
I am unsure why this item is not private.  Who else reads it? Kewl use of fbi for research, though.
Print catalogs, just like print newspapers, are giving away to the online world. It is just a matter of the numbers -cost/benefit wise.
One of the nicest niche catalog websites is for Arbor Teas.
Any other reason to get rid of Flash is always nice.

strangely enough it is information that denise needs, as she assigns product to pages and needs to know what our agreements were in that regard.   then too i don't keep the working stuff i do private unless there is some security,  un-useful embarrassment, or something too vague to project into otherness  involved. 

your right about print giving way to online.  i wanted to do away with it entirely ... but some customers still rely upon it and denise is keen to have this instrument ... so these niche broshires are our comprise.

it keeps popping up because i am still struggling with the technology to produce these niche catalogues with a minimum of labor and cost.

Seth says
tutorial shaded boxes

Seth says
Wow ... both print catalog and CD catalog getting ready for press the same day .

Seth says
Note a new program has been written gen_print_xml_files.php  which takes a niche as a parameter and generates the XML file for that particular print job.  Currently defined in the program is the p niche and the novelty+christmas.  Others can be added in the case statement in the program. 

Seth says
we will put a code "b" in the "media" for a customer who's order was provoked by receiving the practical niche mailing. it is not necessary to affix this code if there is already a "#p" in "mailings".

Consequently the effect of the practical niche mailing will not more than all orders coded with "#p" in "mailing" or "b" in "media".

Seth says
see private memo to management

Seth says
seth 2014-12-30 12:34:19 17583
Ok, i ran a little program on our data here to analize the effectiveness of this advertising instrument.   Here is the results ...
source: TOME/analizeniche.txt produced by TOME/nicheAnalize.prg

I will total up what it costs us when i get a ... but i know it was not nearly that much .   Way to go team SpeakToMe
correcting program name

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