The World Is Vast

The quantity of things that I know about from my experience is infinitesimal in comparison to all the things of which i know nothing. 

Even the aspects of the things in the world are vast.  Walk through the stacks of a library and examine the materials classified under each semi distinct Dewey decimal category ... oh how different they all are ... and how vast is the literature in each category not to even mention that to which it refers.   There is the Earth itself, its rocks soil,magma and shifting core, ... the oceans, the atmosphere.  There are the beings that live here ... and then there are we humans, our history, culture, styles, technology, and transactions.  And with that i have barely even scratched the surface of even just the aspects of things that are in this world.  What amazes me is how very little of all of that do i have detailed experience with. 

Oh sure we could say lots of these things are duplicates ... (too vague yet to write, is the whole respect for specific thingey here in relationship to the vastness ... a being/thiney is only a duplicate in its metaworld representation )

to be continued ...


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