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"Consider that all accomplishment is constituted by a series of resolved breakdowns"

-- Werner Erhard


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Einaian says
RUSH:  Well, interesting question.  You know, I'm the guy that says there's politics in everything and you've gotta be able to spot it, and you're right, there is here.  This really is an example of the dedication the media has to pop culture events and how important it is in the eyes of their audience.  Whereas in Washington, the media thinks the world is on fire because of what's happening in the Middle East, your average TMZ viewer thinks the world doesn't make any sense anymore because Robin Williams committed suicide. 

The thing I worry about, I really do, they're making such heroism out of this that I hope it doesn't inspire a lot of copycats by people seeking the same kind of fame.  And that's been one of my big concerns with social media from the get-go.  I saw all these people just giving up every bit of information about themselves, just this desire to have everybody know everything about them, and we know that one of the allures of pop culture media is this desire to be famous and have pop culture media talk about you.  And this is one way to do it, obviously.  To kill yourself is one way to get the media to spend a lot of time talking about you, if you want to be talked about.  I hope it doesn't spawn a bunch of copycats.

see: http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/daily/2014/08/12/robin_williams_and_the_pop_culture_media

kewl analysis!

Einaian says
P.S. Suicide is not a breakdown one recovers from - most others are non-lethal.

Einaian says
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Yeah i think there may be copy cats of this too.  Remember Goethe's The Sorrows of Young Werther... that spawned a bunch of suicides back in the 18th century.  Now i keep telling Robin that this thing will pass ... but now he can not hear me.  Oh well, i just flashed, one way to join otherness is to commit suicide ... how pro active is that ... LOL .
Sometimes ... more like joining self to self having thrown away the otherness. See the first comment - the politics of this news is that life sucks & this is right in alignment with the liberal message. Look at all he had & it wasn't enough ... etc.

well life does not suck and that is not the liberal message. 
That IS the liberal message. Life is unfair & sucks & we need government to fix the unfairness: ... exactly the liberal message.

Well that is not the liberal message ... that is just Rush crapping in liberal mouths.
Sometimes you having your head up your ass really just do not know why you taste crap in your mouth - we call you & them the low-information consumers of social media & the news.
Get your head out & taste something new except your own bile - maybe apple pie!

Einaian says
THe Liberal Washington Post reports today:
source: ...

When asked if “life for our children’s generation will be better than it has been for us,” fully 76 percent said they do not have such confidence. Only 21 percent did. That was the worst ever recorded in the poll; in 2001, 49 percent were confident and 43 percent not.

When you look closer, things seem even worse, if that’s possible. I calledFred Yang, the Democratic pollster who conducted the survey along with Republican Bill McInturff, and he told me the pessimism was universal.

... apparently getting their message out with push polls.

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