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(VIA DRUDGE - just to contextualize this item on anger)

More violence overnight in Ferguson...

Tear gas, smoke bombs vs. molotov cocktails...

REPORT: 'Anonymous' Names Officer; Threatens To Release Photo, Home Address...

NAACP appeals to UN...

WASHPOST: Racial questions about police force in MO... 

QuikTrip site still focal point of community unrest... 

Protesters Lash Out at Obama, Sharpton 'You Haven't Changed Nothin. F*ck Y'all'... 

Mayor to Sharpton: Go home...

Reporters arrested... 

PAPER: Pentagon fueled confrontation...

Militarized cops on display...


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Einaian says
Easier said than done!  I find when I am angry I copy my father's mode of shouting with all the body language necessary to get the point across.  Rational? Not very.
Restoring a sense of capacity by means other than destruction is hard to achieve in the political arena.  Realizing that the behavior in the now is about something in the past is hard to achieve if one is not rational & just operating on the animal brain. Mobs & demonstrations rarely solve anything especially if the political forces are encouraging it & don't want it to go away soon.

If it gets too out of hand I am reminded of some ideas about what to do with evil:
  1. Protect yourself from it
  2. Isolate it
  3. Quarantine it
  4. Shed light on what's there other than the juice of emotions
  5. Offer solutions that provide more workability (not just another study, law or law suit)
  6. Always be completely transparent in handling it
  7. Teach the Golden Rule - early & often

The latter one seems to affect those on death row who finally are allowed face to face with the victims loved ones to apologize & experience the victims points of view & emotions. Somehow that is too late.  Do it early in the game before something happens.

Einaian says
Brain Games claims that anger is just a matter of chemistry & hard wired to testosterone. Not much can be done about it.  This is the ancient flight or fight shit or survival, eh?
From BofNK (23:38 & 23:40) - the ontology of Anger:
The elements of Anger 23:38 are in this quick scan

Next comment is
PR's rational-ontological

Einaian says

Einaian says
If the RWG gets to heated & non-productive I say isolate it by walking away.
No attention = no game.

Einaian says
Rudolf Steiner on the Mission of Anger:
RS: ... It points to what will come about in the future. To begin with, anger expresses a judgment of some event in the outer world; then, having learnt unconsciously through anger to react to something wrong, we advance gradually to enlightened judgments in our higher souls. So in certain respects anger is an educator. It arises in us as an inner experience before we are mature enough to form an enlightened judgment of right and wrong. This is how we should look on the anger which can flare up in a young man, before he is capable of a considered judgment, at the sight of injustice or folly which violates his ideals; and then we can properly speak of a righteous anger.
RS: ... No-one does better at acquiring an inner capacity for sound judgment than a man who has started from a state of soul in which he could be moved to righteous anger by anything ignoble, immoral or crazy. That is how anger has the mission of raising the Ego to higher levels. On the other hand, since man is to become a free being, everything human can degenerate. Anger can degenerate into rage and serve to gratify the worst kind of egoism. This must be so, if man is to advance towards freedom. But we must not fail to realise that the very thing which can lapse into evil may, when it manifests in its true significance, have the mission of furthering the progress of man. It is because man can change good into evil, that good qualities, when they are developed in the right way, can become a possession of the Ego. So is anger to be understood as the harbinger of that which can raise man to calm self-possession.

Einaian says
RS (ibid): ... For the spiritual scientist, anger is also the harbinger of something quite different. Life shows us that a person who is unable to flare up with anger at injustice or folly will never develop true kindness and love. Equally, a person who educates himself through noble anger will have a heart abounding in love, and through love he will do good. Love and kindness are the obverse of noble anger. Anger that is overcome and purified will be transformed into the love that is its counterpart. A loving hand is seldom one that has never been clenched in response to injustice or folly. Anger and love are complementary.

Einaian says
Don't run amok with the above many things which lead to freedom are poison at some level.
RS (ibid): ... This experience of anger is wonderfully well brought out in the vernacular use of sich giften, to poison oneself, as a phrase meaning “to get angry”. This is an example of how popular imagination arrives at a truth which may often elude the learned.
p.s. the link goes to GW.

Einaian says
source: ... Transmuted anger is love in action. That is what we learn from reality. Anger in moderation has the mission of leading human beings to love; we can call it the teacher of love. And not in vain do we call the undefined power that flows from the wisdom of the world and shows itself in the righting of wrongs the “wrath of God”, in contrast to God's love. But we know that these two things belong together; without the other, neither can exist. In life they require and determine each other.

Einaian says
Notes for prospective commentators - please try to stay within the context I have presented here in at least 3 ways & refrain from just stream of consciousness stuff.

Einaian says
Einaian 2014-08-14 09:40:13 17629
I can see in current events in the context of mythology the battle between Zeus & Prometheus as between the forces in the Middle East & those of Freedom & Consciousness  elsewhere.  See the RS conclusion on Anger from the artistic perspective already linked.
Maybe listen to Beethoven's

Prometheus Overture, Op.43 while doing so.

Or you could listen to OneRepublic  for something contemporary if you can focus given the rhythm.

Einaian says
I see all these points of view that is why I assembled them together. I was mystified why riots & demonstrations seem to be acceptable for some peoples as a solution for their anger. War is caused by anger at other things. I think the Zeus vs Prometheus myth is a good metaphor of that, though.  PR is most clear - remove any of the elements & the anger must go away - live in the now. Of course, M$M won't let you do that for most things.  I still get angry. Surrendering in to the anger makes more anger. Anger is part of the Soul at this stage in evolution.
I'll bet we could invent an app for anger. Maybe crowd source rationality? Maybe flash mob some music something like Playing for Change.

I remember a moment in PJ2 where I heard some bongos & congas in the distance & I imagined the modern urban jungle calling forth a Woodstock like ad hoc concert in GG park or somewhere. First the bongos then maybe something else maybe voices ....

Einaian says
seth 2014-08-15 04:48:25 17629
i think i see RS's point that to feel passionately about some wrong that was perpetrated is a precursor of a passionate thankfulness of a right that exists.  

Also PR's that anger stems from avoidance of pain, rather than the pain itself. 

What is your personal take on all that?

I got truly angry the other day about the farce of the necessity of signing mountains of legalistic papers which are just designed by and for the protection of others.   I shouted, i gesticulated, denise said i was just being a dram queen.  But i complied, i did it anyway, i accepted the pain. 
I get most angry at "brick walls" - bureaucratic or otherwise ; imaginary or real.

Mark de LA says

Sound anything like Charlottesville ? 
Personally, I would devolve the situations from National & World crisis down to the local police forces & national guards within the states to enforce the law.  That is where the problems are. Everyone likes #birdies that support their position. 

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