A Childs Garden of Verses

About: index to titles. stevenson, robert louis. 1913. a child’s garden of verses and underwoods

4. At the Sea-side

WHEN I was down beside the sea  
A wooden spade they gave to me  
  To dig the sandy shore.  
My holes were empty like a cup.  
In every hole the sea came up,          5
  Till it could come no more.


  1. garden of verses
  2. children


Mark de LA says
37. Fairy Bread

COME up here, O dusty feet!  
  Here is fairy bread to eat.  
Here in my retiring room,  
  Children, you may dine  
On the golden smell of broom          5
  And the shade of pine;  
And when you have eaten well,  
Fairy stories hear and tell.  

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