Jealousy or Greed

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  1. jealousy
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Mark de LA says
This was the same meme that Adolf Hitler used to blame the Jews for the problems in Germany's economy after the Great Depression only the they would have pinned a star of David on the guy on top of the pile of money.  Good call, eh? Same thoughts are still running around in the Middle East & Europe these days too.

Mark de LA says
I personally don't care if the fast food restaurants go broke or pay high wages for entry level jobs never intended to raise a family on. Personally, if I owned a major share in one of them, I would raise their wages to $25/hour one month & then close the restaurant and sell out the next month.
Apparently the great unwashed have never heard of the wage-price spiral.
While some controversy exists in Wikipedia, when Nixon tried to quash it it with price/wage controls it cost me my annual deserved wage increase at the bank. So something is real to me.  OTOH, the immigration fiasco (posponed till after the election) seems to be competing for lower wages.
What's up with dat?

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