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From approximately 650 until around the 1960s, the Arab slave trade continued in one form or another. Historical accounts and references to slave-owning nobility in Arabia, Yemen and elsewhere are frequent into the early 1920s.[37] In 1953, slaves companied sheikhs from Qatarattending the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II and they did so again on another visit five years later.[9]

As recently as the 1950s, Saudi Arabia's slave population was estimated at 450,000 " approximately 20% of the population.[42] During the Second Sudanese Civil War people were taken into slavery; estimates of abductions range from 14,000 to 200,000.[43] Slavery in Mauritania was legally abolished by laws passed in 1905, 1961, and 1981.[44] It was finally criminalized in August 2007.[45] It is estimated that up to 600,000 Mauritanians, or 20% of Mauritania's population, are currently in conditions which some consider to be "slavery", namely, many of them used as bonded labour due to poverty.[46]

Slaves imported to American colonies[7]
Date Numbers
1620"1700 21,000
1701"1760 189,000
1761"1770 63,000
1771"1790 56,000
1791"1800 79,000
1801"1810 124,000[8]
1810"1865 51,000
Total 597,000
The history of slavery throughout the world is interesting & pro


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Mark de LA says
Then too, one of the notions corporate slavery ( a form of indentured servitude to debts ) needs to be treated in the modern age with an eye toward developing principles which elevate self-worth & respect in the vocational domain & the dynamic equilibrium of economics.  See the tagrooms of threefoldness.

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