Hex #5 Line 4

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(K-C,Y-G) warm day 33% waxing crescent moon.
woke depressed on having been hacked on debit card.
Ming translator on thwan
Ming translator on line 4
may turn out with card cancel & new one plus meeting w/bank to roll back transactions.
beans for dinner good
~ I like P.2007

P.2007- 71-4-1-5-7-49 Mon. " Agitation, propaganda & political action involved in prevalent pseudo Utopian self-serving P R are not part of our policy; the True Spirit impels from within, forces no one & constrains no one even by persuasion!"


P.1688 #5,4 65-3-1-2-10-33-TUE

" ... Here we are sure of ultimate success consisting of achievement of our purpose, i.e. by going forward to overcome danger involved in treading on tiger's tail. Good fortune comes because what is willed is done / Followed by /5 whose subject is in place of authority.  /4 occupies place of yin, hence, realising this, he thinks carefully & goes softly!  Spiritual experience, unlike physical, is not remembered, but must be recreated anew each time, often in a different way, only the results, not the method being the same.  Recognition spiritually this involves more positive action.  This approach is shown in application & interpretation of this fourth line. To see something spiritual we have to go where it is. "

Said for the Consciousness World this might look like:

An experience in the consciousness world is not remembered but recreated each time as itself in many different ways i.e new each time.


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Mark de LA says
How synchronous this commentary (for today in Paradise etc.) to this facebook post by M$ Billionaire Bill.
... the Utopian self-serving PR part of P.2007 in particular