and so around and around he goes trapped in the fabric of his own habits


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Seth says
well yes, a  RWG is just such a habit in which we get snared.

EaiMe says
Your diagram reminded me of this one I logged in 7840

Seth says
choy 2014-10-13 07:24:28 17850
Some habits are good & some are bad & some are neutral.  So what?  Some say there are even those made out of plastic (not to be confused with the plastic bag controversy & laws).

Well habits, good bad and indifferent, end up being ...let me guess, ... conservatively 90% of what we actually do.  That alone would seem to indicate that they are not just little things to which to be oblivious.

Habits are best used where they are adaptable, flexible and malleable. 

That does not mean they are made of plastic .

Seth says
EaiMe 2014-10-13 08:00:25 17850
2014-10-13 07:49:30 17850
Well the word habit derives from something we "have". Not a big whoop! (*) If your mind can't wrap itself around the idea that you have something you can turn it into a nexus of constantly changing associations with the subject of the habit - say eating for example & I guess it works for you. Plastic just means malleable in general usage.  Then too there are jumbo shrimp & irony.

Well i have noticed that habits are a big part of my life and the life with which i interact.

By your reaction, am i to presume that you have not?

Seth says
EaiMe 2014-10-13 10:13:10 17850
seth 2014-10-13 09:48:02 17850
source: mark says
I quit smoking tobacco over 25 years ago & haven't touched it since.  I call that quitting a bad habit or in the smoking thing - enjoying breathing AIR.

... good for you.  

Have you ever changed a good habit into a even better habit?  

Were that you had, what would you have called that?
How do you do that? Where does the old habit go? I call that normal life or behavior or doing something else. NLP has all sorts of methodology like collapsing anchors, providing new anchors etc.
I might call such waking up!  Giving being to the habit (nominalisation) or acknowlidiging it that way ignores that habits are behaviors & (verbs). Until behavior is accomplished (done) it is always just possibility, malleable & to use your word plastic (which word reminds me of what my toothbrush was made out of).

fine, sounds to me that you have it .

i call it a "plastic habit" ... you call it what you will ... that calling being just a matter of personal style and expression.  Now if you have problems with my style and expression, i submit that is just your problem and as such should be kept to yourself ... rather than always coming up here to obscure my expression.  

Seth says
source: mark habitually says
A habit is a habit & a plastic habit is an .....
OXYMORON.(see previous (ibid))
... which is his habit. 

Mark might want to ask himself:  What does he call a habit that he can change as necessary?  It still being a habit, that he does when it works, but when he notices  that it is not working, he changes the behavior to do something else instead. 

... what does he call that?

Seth says
source: from elof carlson's blog post

"Vain Hopes I gave to Man"

In Aeschylus’s play Prometheus Bound, Prometheus is chained to a rock, his liver devoured daily by an eagle but it regenerates each night. One of his comforters asks him why he was punished by Zeus.  Prometheus explains how he felt sorry for the plight of humans and taught them to make fire so they could keep warm, cook food, and build a civilization.  This angered Zeus and Prometheus was now paying the consequences for his good deed. In one of his darkest moments as he reflected on some of the bad outcomes of his gift to man, he said “Vain hopes I gave to man.”

Idealists imagine that the benefits of their voluntary participation or support will be realized.  In World War I someone coined the phrase that this was “the war to end all wars.”  Among the abolitionists before the Civil War were many ministers who believed that education, preaching, and popular opinion would lead slave owners to voluntarily give up their slaves.  We have had a “war on cancer” for some 40 years without that hoped for victory.  We have had a war on poverty for 50 years and the gap between the poor and the very rich has increased rather than diminish.

There are some victories along the way.  The suffrage movement did lead to a vote for women.  The Civil War did end legal slavery.  The child labor laws did protect children from hazardous work.  Public health laws did provide compulsory immunization against infectious diseases.  The Food and Drug Administration does protect consumers from contaminated or toxic foods and medicines.  It is not as perfect as idealists wished, but certainly it is far superior than doing nothing.

              Pessimists will see the failures and optimists will cite the victories.  Those who lived through triumphs and disappointments will realize that our “vain hopes” are still worth cherishing.

... or in other words, differences have been made.  Gestalt that away and you have thrown out the baby with the bath water.  "We are responsible for what we make of our humanity."  Perchance a thought that even Werner would appreciate.

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