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WOW! A compelling offer indeed. I guess i'll need to charge up ... my Kindle.

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Seth says
ME 2014-10-13 07:38:50 17851
permaculture goes back to 1978. simply means permanent agriculture. that word has been superseded by sustainability. The illusion is that anything is permanent or sustainable forever.
biodynamic has more power at the root of its idea; having a grok of mother nature built into it.

i don't think it matters which word is used ... that just seems to be a matter of style.  The point being that those who are actually doing this thing are now calling it "permaculture". 

sustainability is an important part of biodynamics ... a process which destroys itself not being one that is likely to survive .  but of course that is not the whole of the thing. 

Seth says
"agroecology" may be another word pointing in this direction.  of course distinctions can be made ... but what is pertinent here is whether they are distinctions of scope, method, style, or assumptions.  i think associating the assumptions of anthroposophy to this movement is going to be a non starter in today's world.  me, i tend to be a realist when it comes to predicting what is going to happen in the world.

Seth says
EaiMe 2014-10-13 09:01:07 17851
seth 2014-10-13 08:44:47 17851
EaiMe 2014-10-13 08:36:47 17851
seth 2014-10-13 08:08:19 17851
EaiMe 2014-10-13 08:03:41 17851
composting is destroying the life left in shit or vegetable matter & returning the physical material as soil ready for new life.

the whole processes does not destroy itself ... the life just changes from one form to another ... that's why we call it "sustainable".
How did you become an authority.  The same process happens in digestion. When we eat an orange we kill the life that was the orange & make the substance available for new life as human - otherwise we would become oranges. I think John Lennon did a cartoon movie about such an idea.

well of course it is all a matter of point of view ... are you the manure or the rose? .... are you the eater or the eaten ... yet please note that i presented my thought from a frame of reference called "the whole process" ... as such it is true ... in  sustainable cases the life does go on and on ... and only stops when it ceases ... er, becomes not sustainable. 
Yep - the right machine habit continues .  I also presented my idea from the whole process including that which interpenetrates the physical world as life.  What interpenetrates the physical world when it departs frees up the natural tendency of the physical processes to rot & return to the soil or in the case of dead human bodies ........ stink!

yes good stuff indeed ... and well said .... i will need to contemplate it from that point of view too.

Seth says
source: mark
have nothing against permaculture, shithead. Changing the name & ignoring other information is to hide one's head up his ass. Your claim to be a realist is not claiming necessarily nice company.

... whatever.  no dialogue starting with that kind of RWG will go anywhere ... i'm not going to be doing that today ... i was just curious why you started down that road ... but i already know ... it is just your habit to do so. 

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