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.. & Skeptics  filling the gaps in uncertainty since Pyrrho of Elis (365-275 BC) & for Dialectics since Plato 4th & 5th century BCE.
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Mark de LA says
Modern <-> Post Modern - who knows? why care? History Repeats itself & runs in cycles.
Shirley Bassey
History Repeating

Seth says
"modern realism" appears to be a style of expression and living ... similar only in being a style to skepticism. 

Einaiamism says
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seth 2014-10-15 05:47:36 17857
Well certainly challenging assumptions is a useful function.  That said, a person who always challenges assumptions, denying or opposing or degrading everything not coming from themselves, becomes a pariah or a tyrant to their family, friends, and community .... and therefore becomes dysfunctional within those relationships.  Certainly that is a lonely niche in which to exist.

it might be informative to recognize the syndrome quite independent of whether you think you have it yourself. 

For example, i think CFR had a mild case of it, for i never knew him to say "yes" to anything except his own stuff.  I guess most people have the syndrome to some extent.  Perhaps it is somehow associated with an instinct for survival of self, i don't know.  Yet i do know that it is not necessary in most situations.
Yes - genius is hard to live with .  It has been said of Einstein, Stephen Hawking & even celebrities such as Madonna; Although high IQ may not tzu to genius.  You seem to have a touch of it yourself at times.

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