affordable standard business cards, custom standard business cards

to do:  use promo code FACEBOOK via a facebook ad which apparently has no url that i can find


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Seth says
i need to checkout these guys too ... ad from google email. 

Seth says
just checking resources here as is crashing for loss of resouerces.

Seth says
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seth 2014-10-17 11:38:17 17875
M 2014-10-17 11:25:33 17875
I used to print my own
yeah i tried that too ... did not like the result and the amount of my time that it took.  then too the price of these cards has come down so far that getting professional looking cards will cost me ~ $10 and take me about 1 hour or my time. 
I enjoyed the process of designing my own however I wanted it & changing it at a whim. I do understand if you hand out a lot of them & want them in a hurry & can charge them off to your business that that is probably the better way to go.

well at the website indicated you do get to "design your own however you want it" ... er, that is for some interpertation of "design your own".  To be practical and also to make it easier on a novice designer, they limit some of your choices.

anyway i'm not selling it ... just bookmarking for my personal use.

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