an open source XP project tracker

  1. Hard to Install
  2. Requires Tomcat


  1. xplanner
  2. project tracker


Mark de LA says
see also The TRAC project.

Mark de LA says
Fit and FITnesse.

Mark de LA says
An interface like the one with Twiki might be interesting later on for FastBlogIt and XPlanner as we have wiki-blog-chat-folksonomous personalities (;-)) . This would put a leap into the agile world project management.

Mark de LA says
Let it be noted I tried to install the standalone version today & got errors, probably because of the residue of the previous local tomcat version from about a year ago. Here were the results.
  Will try again later when I get a .  Main problem is Spry (our ISP) doesn't seem to have a decent Tomcat available. They have offered a newer version but we would have con move all our applications & files to a new virtual host.
I am using my Windows 2003 server to test on. Maybe try on my Linux FC4 later, again when I get .

Mark de LA says
Thanks, Jaques will check it out. BTW, you can sign in using the 
enter, leave, or change groupbutton on the control panel, make your own group & you won't have to be anonymous. On the otherhand you can sign into the anonymous group as Jaques (the password is anonymous.

unknown says
Check the 0.7 version. Pre 0.7 had to be built from source. Not a pleasant endeavor on most unixes.
0.7 has now a pre-built war package that just need java, tomcat and mysql (or equivalent) and a standalone package that just need java to be installed. You can literally run in 5mn.


Seth says
wizzard for example, if you have been following what we have been talking about, you will know that this group is now closed, and how to get back into it, and that if you want to open it,  you would need to contact an administrator.