In My Groups

  • Nobody forces other people to listen to their own point of view by filibustering their own point of view
  • Nobody is allowed to filibuster the RWG
  • I make a post private when there is no other recourse out of the RWG
  • Consider the above "time out" for little kids who can't follow these simple rules because in my groups I will make them private for a while to enforce it
  • You can do what you want in your groups.
  • I don't have the luxury that facebook provides of hiding other people's shit
  • In fbi we all have our own groups - Bozo can run his own groups as he sees fit
  • Mental Graffiti is not allowed either (I will crisp that one up later)
  • Comment on this item in your own group (or not)

I consider all ideas as just information which I am free to pursue or not as I choose.

My head is full of ideas already.

If yours cease to compete with all the others in here .. express new ones or keep them to yourself.

Don't try to force them in.

So far everyone is free to experience what they choose in this area.


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Mark de LA says
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mark 2014-11-17 09:25:24 17950
You probably missed this point I attached yesterday.  As an intro, I am so used to not being listened to that mostly what I use fbi as is a place to put things and find them again by mechanical access.  We have little real conversation - mostly just dual monologues.  Show some listening if you want listening back. Anyway the dilemma still remains & is discussed in P.2474 of the Tai Shu Commentaries - placed here as an antidote, but probably unlikely listened to here either.

Eiamyme says
(*) about the picture

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