& the Royal Steamer Award Goes to ..... Bozo

17967 For context shifting & pretending he said something.
Without context there is no real meaning.  When one changes context one is talking about something else. PR once said & I have it the same "There is nothing outside the way you hold something - i.e. context"


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Eiamyme says
If context means nothing to you, rather is just a mungible, then the 4th component of the quad vector is poop.

Eiamyme says
If you say such shit as you did about LL it demonstrates lack of understanding.

Mark de LA says
M 2014-11-24 08:45:43 17969
seth 2014-11-24 08:36:20 17969
.Kewl ... its not really a problem for me, that you glory in closing your mind. 
RWG continues onward ... maybe you should get rid of that chicken & it would improve your disposition.

... or maybe you should get rid of the human wrapped around your neck.

Eiamyme says
seth 2014-11-24 08:04:58 17969
Eiamyme 2014-11-24 07:51:50 17969
If context means nothing to you, rather is just a mungible, then the 4th component of the quad vector is poop.

Well of course, context is King, as i have said many times ... hence vindicating the 4th component of the quad vector.   But that does not mean that context is static.  In fact it is the growth of context of which we speak here. 
I think henceforth I will avoid conversations which shift the context to an entirely different context thus talking about something else.  It is the old political discourse of "it's not about that - it's about this" where liberals will take something said by others & twist it in their own favor, etc.
Those kinds of conversations are just a waste of time.

Seth says
... hmmm ... well yes ... either or would do 

Eiammy.. says
Yep, SAME OLD STEAMER - 18307 - racism is lack of empathy - conservatives are racist, but not liberals; blacks can't be racist (including the Black Panthers & the Congressional black caucus) but all whites & conservatives are . Using empathy as the criterion it would seem that the Bozo has no empathy for just plain human - needs the race card edge to empath with.
Bozo in empathy with a chicken up his ass:
Maybe you should have empathy with the chicken.

Eiammy.. says
seth 2015-06-08 10:03:03 17969
well, "just plain human" is a peculiar thingy ... especially when you actually try to define it. maybe see if you can get others to define it objectively  ... there being lots of different kinds of people to ask ... and, guess what, for it to be useful they all need to agree.  i think, in that direction, lies the fallacy in your story about racism.  maybe try to get your definitions of racism to work without relying on your notion  of "just plain human" with is indeterminate outside of your local mind.
I'm tired of you sucking on your racism knob.  No human for you. There is no real confusion except for you about what human is - try homo sapiens as a start & pluck that chicken out!

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