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three kinds of advertisements show for "talking bible" google search ..................................................................................................................


here is my archived email folder for this problem is "google campaign...................................................................................................................

Here is the procedure to add a Ad Group to the Product Listing campaign (aka gogle build)

  1. under Campaign: Speak To Me Catalog (Google Build) click "+ AD GROUP" 
  2. On the next screen select the top option: "Start with one product group with a single bid for all products" and click Save and Continue
  3. Find the + sign in the table on the next screen and click it
  4. At the top of the next screen select "Subdivide all products by:  Product Type
  5. In the body of the screen select the desired product type and click to make it appear on the right side selections
  6. Click save
  7. On the front page for the overall campaign, change the "Default Max CPC" to something reasonable like .50

That's it ... results should appear as impressions and click throughs tomorrow


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  2. speaktomecatalog
  3. item 17973


Seth says
hmmm ... we got one conversion ... made one sale from this campaign ...


CLKPROP for $24.95 a Flying Alarm Clock

an old product ... haven't sold any for a long time

if nothing else this proves that the Google conversion code that i put in yesterday is actually working and accurately tracking sales from these ads.

Seth says
Product listing ...

google shopping ads

designate which specific products

Seth says
notes from phone conversation with google ... adwords merchant account

Seth says
seth 2014-11-26 12:07:14 17973
David Gilmore ... contact info and coupon ... private email.  TECHNICAL PRODUCT LISTING AD CAMPAIGN

Gregory L. Williams ... original sales contact.

Seth says
Sales contact ...

Gregory L. Williams| Google AdWords Online Strategist | | 1(800) 826-9988 ext 30120

Seth says
left message today ... hopefully we will get this campaign going somtime

Seth says
seth 2015-01-05 09:50:18 17973
seth 2015-01-05 09:42:09 17973
seth 2015-01-05 09:39:38 17973
new rep: Michael Bennett 800 826 9988  ext (30198)

david hallaway will analize analize next Monday

left message for Michael bennett @ 10:11 Monday

Seth says
hmmm ... wonder what what this means ...

source: private email

new trusted store status?

Seth says
today left messages from Greg and Michael and an email for who built the campaign.

Seth says
my email folder for this problem is "google campaign"

Seth says
ok well this appears to be the status now

nathan perhap identified an old billing issue and sent me an email to resolve it.

david hathaway scheduled an appointment for 11 am Monday

Jad Alkana called to say he was my new "Strategist" and will be in touch via email and also Monday

Seth says

called 800 826 9988 and told a "Victoria" about the loss of contact.

Seth says
seth 2015-01-23 11:08:00 17973

called 800 826 9988 and told a "Victoria" about the loss of contact.

Nathan .... 866-246-6453 ... will follow up

Seth says
apparently my new specalists is ...see email & call today at ~9 AM

Sonja Schoonover

Google AdWords

Phoenix, AZ 85284
Account Strategist 
800-826-9988 Extension: 30168

Seth says
Just got a call from my "new" and the intro email

Anthony Felix
Your AdWords Expert
1-800-826-9988 Ext. 30040

apparently replacing Sonja even though she was "tenacious".   perhaps Google is escalating .... i have no idea.

Seth says
seth 2015-01-27 12:20:13 17973
Jad Alkana called just now.   he is not aware of any billing hold and encourages me to "reach out" to the technical department, 866-246-6453 to see what is wrong with my feed. 

apparently Sonja is more in the sales department ... and Jad is more the campaign strategist who will help me once the campaign starts going.

he just called back confirming that there was a business office hold on the campaign.   after that snaja is going to schedule a appointment with me to analyze the campaign results after there has been some activity.

Seth says
seth 2015-01-27 10:30:09 17973
seth 2015-01-26 11:05:12 17973
i talked with Nathan (the same one as above) on the "Google Desk" about the unpaid balance and re authorized it by replying to his previous email again.

the call to the business office yesterday was to 866-246-6453 and they added some transactions to the my account and a Maria A sent me a email referring to a "write off". 

called that number again today and talked to a Barb who said that Nathan and Maria were working on it and they would contact me as soon as they know.

Seth says
seth 2015-01-29 10:40:11 17973
on 1/28 i got an email from Maria A asking me to fill out a form and fax it back to Google and relply by email when it was done.

i did fax it back yesterday evening and emailed her today accordingly with a scan of the filled out signed form attached.

My theory about why Mara A refers to this as a "write off", even though they apparently are asking me to pay money now, is that Google wrote this off years ago ... and now they must deal with the accounting of how they account for money collected that was previously written off.  It is not that they are contemplating forgiving the debt, notwithstanding that i have requested that any number of times to people who seem oblivious to my concerns in the matter.

But that doesn't matter to me now, just as long as they remove the billing hold that apparently is keeping the campaign from starting.

Seth says
seth 2015-01-30 14:14:39 17973
just got an email from Marie A saying that " it looks like the card has been declined due to inaccurate card details". 

i responded today as follows ...
source: private email

Well we are using that same card for all of our automated business transactions and i have triple checked the details that i sent you in the fax.  American Express says our account is active and in good standing.   They also do not list any declined transactions from you.  

I did notice that on the top of your billing summary page it shows "MasterCard (...XXXX) - declined" but the credit card that we have authorized you to use is an American Express.

I would reenter the card on your screens myself, but i cannot find where i can reenter it (if it were inaccurate) and it does not allow me to add that same card again ... but the information that shows on the screen *is* accurate, the card ends in XXXX, the expiration date is X/XX, and the billing name and address is accurate.

Please enter the correct card information in your system and complete the transaction.

I said NO!

Marie A responded ...
source: private email

I let our billing team know that you would like to use the Amex card and suggested they resolve the issue.

They have applied the payment to the balance and it should go through within 24 hours.

As soon as I have confirmation that the account balance is cleared, I can move forward with the reactivation.

Seth says
Now to find out how to add more products ...
source: my email requesting tech support

Hi Anthony and David,

Apparently the business office hold on the campaign has been lifted and we are starting to get impressions :)

I would like to add 2 more AdGroups which correspond to these products

These products are tagged in our feed, "speakatom.xml", with


It is unclear how I can add these groups. 

Could someone knowledgeable in how these AdGroups are built and added please call or email me with how this is done?


Seth says
seth 2015-02-02 10:23:01 17973
source: me to Maria A in private email

Apparently you have charged our American Express account for the $258.96 which was holding up your processing.   So why hasn't our campaign started?   We are expecting to get some advertising here for the Valentine selling season which is now upon us.

Your attention in this matter is greatly appreciated.


Maria A just called to acknowledge that the transactions went through and that she removed the red warning on the account and that our campaign should start withing 24 hours .

Seth says
This morning the campaign showed 64 impressions .   I un-paused paused the categories:  birds, birthday, religious, and clocks.  

Seth says
Note that  "Type: Shopping - Product Listing Ads" implies that these are the picture adds as requested above.

Seth says
To see all products along with their "product type" click the Products tab on the campaign

Seth says
Jad called me today and showed me how to add "product type"s to my campaign.

We have an appointment for 10AM Monday to review the campaign.

I added a lot of new types.

Seth says
i put the code snippet on the complete page of an order and it does appear on that page.  See Tools, Conversions.

I might need to check that this is tracking ... checkout the procedures here.

Seth says
Jad called as sheculed this morning.  We dicovered that I need to set the bid at the lowest level of the campaign, not on the top page.  I set ValentineC, RomanticC, and novelties accordingly to .50.  

Jad could shed no light on why our conversion % is so low ... he i going to get me into contact with a "agency" that Google works with.  We will see ...

Seth says

Chris called from the agency via Jad today.  Gave him access to figure out why the campaign is not working.

Seth says
note that URL format in ad words are changing ... see this private email... and this page.

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