Awareness is keen ... obliviousness divine.


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Seth says
i mean it might have something to do with 14008 ... but then I will never know ... never experience the keen edge of awareness on that ... why? ... well just because that item is private to you.

Seth says
Eiamyme 2014-12-03 08:42:19 17987
Something you like to forget, eh?

No, nothing like that.   follow the "this thought was first thunk here" link in this item's body  to find what provoked it.

... This may be true for the author, for some value of the words he pushed it out & unked it off with. 
... that is true of anything written ... so you said that here to say what?

... I don't grok the keen-divine dichotomy at all.
... well i made it up.  Awareness is pretty keen, i'm sure you agree.  But how about not awareness:  innocence.  That is certainly a state of divine bliss.  I'm pretty sure you would like to experience your first orgasm again ... i know i would ... but once experienced, it can never be un-known. 

Seth says

anyway it might be interesting to contemplate the possibility that what i refer to as "otherness" is what PR refers to as "not knowing" .... with the appropriate adjustmenst in the language for correct parts of speech.

Seth says
maybe there are several types of not-knowing ...
  1. not knowing and caring
  2. not knowing and not caring
  3. not knowing with interest & curiosity
  4. not knowing with no interest or curiosity
  5. not knowing without even a trace of knowledge of what is not known - caring & curiosity not even being possible

Seth says
Eiamyme 2014-12-03 09:55:09 17987
Yeah, but I am not interested in forgetfulness & I suggest it is not divine either.

... again mark ... this thought has absolutely nothing to do with forgetfulness or forgetting something that was already know.   this is about not knowing something ever ... until, of course, you finally do know it.

... oblivious (adj.) Look up oblivious at Dictionary.commid-15c., from Latin obliviosus "forgetful, that easily forgets; producing forgetfulness," from oblivion (see oblivion). Meaning "unaware, unconscious (of something)" is from 1862, formerly regarded as erroneous, this is now the general meaning and the word has lost its original sense of "no longer aware or mindful." Properly should be used with to, not of. Related: Obliviously;obliviousness.
...   i use the word to mean "not being aware of something" ... and sometimes with the connotation of not not caring that you do not know.  in my usage on Patrik's item it had the implication of not caring how many steps he took.  in my usage about the first orgasm ... it had no such implication of uncaring.

... (really completely separate from 14008 which is private.)
...  well, not knowing, is not knowing ... seems to me that it would be very similar to you as it is to me ... regardless of how you might hide your consciousness from me.  No?

Seth says
Eiamyme 2014-12-03 11:32:16 17987
Yep - sometimes you use words & do not even know what they mean.  i.e obliviousness

mark, that is absolutely not true. 

I am using the word "oblivious" just exactly how it is used in our culture.  You need to understand each sentence in its context to know what specifically it means. 

Your quoting a dictionary definition does not change that.  Quite frankly that seems to be just your peculiar misunderstanding of how to use words that keeps getting in the way of your understanding what i write.  I suspect that you might find my actual deeper meaning just in the very difference that you percieve as me misusing a word. 

Incidentally i think that thinking only in the sentences that everybody else is thinking within, is not thinking at all.  Seems to me you quoted a similar though to me ... only it was spoken by somebody else ... in a different context.

But, Mark really, i have to use my words this way to think out of the box.  I do not think it profits either of us for you to obstruct my use of words by criticizing my intentional choices of which ones to use.   There must be a better way for you to understand my meaning ... maybe ask questions ... i don't know.  Of course, if you do not care what i mean ... well then it's really simple ... just ignore what i write entirely.

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