Za Zen

I actually am pretty good at silencing mind chatter .... i do Za Zen where what is uppermost in my attention is only my breathing ... now breathing in ... now breathing out.   Still  nothing that i will call "out of body" shows up ... yet i am still aware of a background for potential attention way too vague to describe ... like waves to a body of literature or experience too ambiguous to form what could be called a thought; and, lacking the intent to focus, wave away.   That background varies radically with my emotional state.  If something is irritating me, then of course its material will be there in the background luring me to form a thought about it.  For example, the last time i did za zen, the material for this paragraph was there in the background.  Hence i let it show up now as i write it here.  So I think the trick to a better za zen is to do it when there is nothing already irritating.  ... or even being anticipated, like for example the expectation of something spiritual.

I do "out of body" stuff quite literally ... i let other bodies bring it up. 


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