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Mark de LA says
A purely MIT style materialistic point of view to the same conclusions:

Where reality experience meets the Big Bang theory is hard to find amongst the mathematics of Cosmology, parallel universes, string theory & the like. The infinite sea of energy is interesting if we are just a wave in it somewhere.

Mark de LA says
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Neither connects to why there is an "I" or Ego or human beings.
If the whole point is to avoid suffering & exist as love why the polarity in the first place?

Perhaps the suffering is itself part of the flow - the Tao - why avoid it?  How can one see the foreground without a background or as LL(I,29 - 30) might say
"For I am divided for love's sake, for the chance of union."
"This is the creation of the world, that the pain of division is as nothing, and the joy of dissolution all."

Mark de LA says
The artist view is more artistic.  GW has said:

P.1688 #5,4 65-3-1-2-10-33-TUE

" ... Spiritual experience, unlike physical, is not remembered, but must be recreated anew each time, often in a different way, only the results, not the method being the same.  Recognition spiritually this involves more positive action.  This approach is shown in application & interpretation of this fourth line. To see something spiritual we have to go where it is. "

I have always thought that Art is trying to capture that spiritual experience if only for a moment in music & poetry or on a more tangible form in sculpture & on canvas.

Mark de LA says
Then too there are these parts of the soul and spirit which are untouched in the presentations above.

Mark de LA says
The easiest test , the one used by zen masters of the old days, to tell if a student had achieved ekaggata is to smack them upside the head . Usually a student will find his self or "I" pretty fast.

Mark de LA says
Actually T pointed out one (TED) , Breck pointed out the other & Mark commented to be precise.PR pointed out in one of his first mind courses that a baby comes out of the womb & holds that "other is for me" , that is mother is mother nurture.  Later it turns into other is not for me & learns how to control the situation by crying etc..... in the next few years as the Ego descends the sense of "I" develops.  GW asked me to imagine myself not existing ~ 6. I was unsuccessful at that time.

Mark de LA says
Funny thingy about all of this is the epigram nature of the extrapolation & meaning of the non-duality principle. Maybe the other youtubes of the conference would be interesting. I suspect that humanity is still in evolution & that , except in monasteries and conscious art schools that duality prevails .  I like Art as a portal to the experience.

Mark de LA says
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What is also interesting is the the Choronzon Club Premonstrance points a way to a more intensive way to get to the experience permanently.

How is that?  your item is private.
Yeah - you can google for them - they are out there - didn't page check them.  I don't want a discussion on that item at this time. I am thinking of releasing them on the CFR website & am discussing it & preparing an introduction on that item for publication (w/Breck) - just raw thoughts right now.

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