The Piss Christ dream

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i had a dream about what might be related to my reaction to the piss-christ last night.  I had become responsible for moving some boxes that contained the specific instances of frozen Christs and in the logistics of finding a place for them.  In trucking them from place to place i was worried, of course, about them thawing out and going giggy with decay.  It seemed that i was starting the trucking at P2... and the destination was some office on the other side of town.   When i got there, the lady said she had told me (i guess in a prior continuation of the dream) to just call her and she would have come and got them.  She held up a quater ... "here, just make a call" ... and i explained that she would have had to come all the way across town too and they would have melted just as much. 

Some times dreams do get at things deep in my sub-conscious ... i think this is a case in point.  There is part of Christianity that is bathed in piss ... yet there is part that is not ... seeing the former so that one can get at the latter is what the piss-christ can mean to me.


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Seth says
it's interesting to note that writing down a dream necessarily changes its meaning.  the same goes for awoke experiences.  you cannot really go back there.

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