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Eiamyme says

Eiamyme says
seth 2015-01-12 07:56:43 18066
seth 2015-01-12 07:37:29 18066
yep it is a "diss" ... yet it still has some measure of humor to a person interested in puns

this one is just a humorless "diss"  ... at least to me ... to me it merely illustrates, in a gross manner, a lie about the president.   But, people who get off on that lie will probably get some humor. 
Some people like the Islamists don't have a sense of humor at all. It is all a matter of taste or whose Ox is gored? 
The picture came from here which also highlights the same point.
If you have a chip on your shoulder then don't be surprised if there is someone who is willing to piss it off!

Eiamyme says
seth 2015-01-12 09:01:49 18066
Eiamyme 2015-01-12 08:32:36 18066
seth 2015-01-12 08:27:34 18066
Well yes of course .   But there is no such thing as "humor" such that one can sense its existence apart from one's self.  No, rather humor is a qualia of how something affects you.  So that if i laught at something that does not mean that you will also laugh at it.  The same with disgust.  FYI, the first cartoon made me laugh, the second cartoon disguested me ... especially in the context of my dream about the piss christ.   I don't expect that you have the same reactions to those cartoons.  None the less I can still tolerate or respect your other reactions ... and will not expect or insist that they be the same as mine. 
Not just any qualia is worth having or of any value to the human race. Hopefully some will get weeded out in evolution.  The Islamists have been reported as laughing during their murderous terrorist rages.
If there are turds in the bottom of the bowl - there are better actions to take than respect them.

Well yes ... not any qualia is worth having ... i am always judging many of my own as contra-productive.   I couldn't agree more with  you there. 

I would shoot a terrorist, oblivious to his intent which i refuse to share.

If i see someone laughing at his evil act, i would tolerate it ... it is not me ... it is him, quite otherness to myself ... and not in my network ... and i would feel no motivation to laugh myself.

Got it?

so why respect the otherness of terrorists except fear & terror?  GW & perhaps RS have said that the challenge of this era in evolution is to transform evil.
P.2370 78-3-3-16-15-30-Thu ~ 32 yrs ago
" Actually Goethe's last words were not "More Light", but "Open the shutters"! Darkness is a Being.  Evil is changed into Good by Love, a Free Deed, transcending Duality. That, so to speak, is where we are AT."
What is missing is true leaders of the World's Great Religions who can speak for them in one voice and affirm the Golden Rule. The history of religions seem to be populated with wars not only between religions but within religions. We must not ignore atheism as a religion either!

Eiamyme says
seth 2015-01-12 10:40:23 18066
source: mark
so why respect the otherness of terrorists except fear & terror?
well i would not put it that way. 

i should respect that there are beings quite different than myself ... so different in fact that if met them i would have to kill them or be killed myself.   And, no i do not fear them ... or at least i try not to fear them, for that is just them killing me ... nope, far better to just exclude them from my network as best that i can. 

But i see no reason to adopt their Jehadist tactics myself ... and do unto them before they do unto me ... nope, avoidance just works better.  
You & Obama are unfortunately on the same side.  Why do you think the atrocities are getting worse.  Terrorism aspires to get noticed & then achieve their results by threatening the same unless we give in .  Doesn't seem like empathy & emulation is a sufficient deterrant nor a good response, IMHO (which is neither)!

Eiamyme says
no problem - different network from Bozo.
  • BREAKING NEWS: TWITTER ACCOUNT for U.S. Central Command has been hacked by ISIS sympathizers, and is carrying messages promoting the Islamic State — including one message that reads: 'AMERICAN SOLDIERS, WE ARE COMING, WATCH YOUR BACK. ISIS.'

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