Farming in my back yard

Well first i have to kill the grass weeds ... turn that into soil.

When you visit The Landing in Renton you smell the aroma of coffee roasting wafing in the air.  It comes from Distant Lands Coffee. Thing is these guys are sustainably conscious and they give away their burlap bags so we have a free source of these useful item.    Here they are stacked up in my back yard ready for depolyment on my farm.  Mostly the bags i got were from Peru, Costa Rica and Columbia. 

Incidentally there were a few raw dried beans left in the burlap.  I ground them and steeped some coffee.  Now i know why they roast the beans ... otherwise the coffee is more like water.


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Seth says
source: Camas Permaculture

These are often people that are looking to replace their lawn and many of them asked me what I did to replace my lawn. I used sheet mulch, a permaculture technique that starts by placing cardboard or up to 40 sheets thick of newspaper on top of the ground followed by 12-18 inches of mulch. I was able to get several truck loads of wood chips and trimmings combined, about 70 cubic yards of material, delivered to me for free from the people that trim trees away from power lines. The chips are steaming hot from composting just a few hours after the chipper blows them into the back of the truck. I followed that later with manure and other materials to start turning the chips into soil. As the sheet mulch decomposed in the seasons that followed I started digging down with a garden fork and working and lifting the soil layers below that into the decomposing chips by pushing a digging fork as deep as it would go and just pulling back on the handle to make the soil deeper and the compacted layer disappear. Now when I dig where we had chips I cannot find a distinct soil layer no matter how deep I dig in with a fork.

Seth says

facinating stories about turning grass into soil.

Seth says
this might be interesting to read in detail in this context.

Seth says
then there is getting my worms working

Seth says
this chart might be useful ... thanks ....

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