Every person has problems.  While these perdicaments can be the source of suffering they are also the source of joy and passion.  They end up being what our lives are all about. 

Society at large also has problems and perdicaments that become the source of suffering as well as the souce of joy and passion and love. 

i think most people have not realized that the societies problems are the mosaic of every person's personal problems.  These are the same thingies. 

We see this lack of realization when people talk of societies problems apart from their own ... as if they were separate and unrelated ... as if societies problems were other people's problems. 

This way of talking should not be oblivious to the fact that the personal predicaments interact with each other creating the human fabric ... it is not just isolated static pictures as in a artist's mosaic. 

I got out of bed this morning with the question:  do i care more for myself or for humanity?   The answer came back from my soul .... HUMANITY!  ... no quibble there.


Seth says

there is of course a bit of this meme in my story here. 

but if that is all you see, then you have seen only the trunk of the elephant.

meme found on facebook here ... via here.