My first Motivational Speaker ? ~ 40 years ago - Joel Weldon

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This is my reaction to Werner Erhard's FB post. Sales was Joel Weldon's schtick.  What was interesting was his seminar punchline which I have never forgotten.  He congratulated the audience for making it to the end & said don't worry you all have the essentials to be a success.  Then he took off his coat revealing that his shirt had no sleeves & parts were missing & had holes in it. We all laughed & were surprised. His message was it is the package you offer the customer that counts.
"Joel Weldon started his business back in 1974, he knew he needed business cards but did not want a standard business Card.  He wanted something that people can keep on their desk.  So one day one his clients said to him, you know Joel Success comes in Cans.  And Joel had an AHA moment " he visually saw that message on a physical CAN.  And within 24 hours he had his first Red CAN made with the words in white:


Success comes in CANS not in Cannots. The can weighs about 250 grams and at the back of the Can is listed all the ingredients that is IN THE CAN:  Commitment, Courage, Faith, Imagination, Creativity, Honesty, Persistence, Knowledge, Defined Values, Focused Thinking, a Sense of Humour, and a Positive “I Can” attitude. "


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