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hmmm , worth a detailed read.

On reading this i realized that the stronger is Logos, the weaker is the possibility of new being.   New being comes from a magical blend of Chaos & Order.  We know this almost instinctively but it may be possible to prove it mathematically.

Anyway i like how fastbolgit thinks ... attaching chaos leads me to my last though on this ...

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It can be calculated, that unique occurrences explode into untold possibilities ... er, by their very nature.  Life itself struggles against that explosion sustaining its existence and cohering its own unique simplicities.  Humans and then their culture are the pinnacle and leading edge of that change.  Am i talking about a spectrum from Lucifer to Ahriman? ... i don't know ... those mystical symbols get all confused for me.  But in any case adding the third pole, Christ if you will,  in that struggle works for me ... pissing on neither complexity nor order ... yet transcending both .

Also Mark's association of tag tao

... shown here with his perverted creation


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Seth says
Eiamyme 2015-02-01 08:10:27 18104

interesdting article

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