a cause of turbulence

We each have our boxes in which we do things.  I think most every adult realizes that.  What is not so well known is that each of us has a separate box in our minds for everybody else that we know.  Usually our habit is to act twards other individuals so as to keep them inside their box in our head.  But where they get out of their actual box, and we do not let them out of their box in our head, there will be turbulence in the relationship. 

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Seth says
Eiamyme 2015-03-02 11:58:49 18149
seth 2015-03-02 10:31:46 18149
Eiamyme 2015-03-02 08:48:42 18149
seth 2015-03-02 08:35:52 18149
Well certainly i am talking about my experience ... and my experience of my experience (awareness and self awareness) ... and that includes my awareness of the stories i tell about my experience and my self awareness.  When i contemplate my self i experience all kinds of different qualia from time to time, some quite intense, others not. 

If you are defining your word "being" as referring to something that exists outside of my experience, then no, i would not be talking about that and calling it "my being".  If it is outside of my experience, then i just call it "otherness" ... er, notwithstanding that everything is connected in this grand texture of existence.  

And sure, i can imagine part of me existing outside of my experience according to RS (and others)'s instructions.  But that is an experience of a different sort ... to me it is an imagination.  And, no, i have not developed it.  I'm not so very sure it would have any value to the world at large ... there being plenty such stories out there already.

hmmm ... but now that you mention it ... i am trying to develop a image of humanity that is even apart from my self yet i move that part of it that is my experience. 

So i guess it is pretty much back to: my story, or you story, or RS's or PR's or Abraham Hick's or Obama's.  People pick and choose ... the ones that work the best ... that feel better to more people will survive the longest.  The only problem seems to be those people insisting that there is just one story, and it is is The Story, and it, of course, just gots to be my story .
Yep - that IS your box & you are probably quite happy with it. Thanks for wrapping it up colorfully.

... or rather what *you* are referring to is your box of my box ... it is very kewl to keep those clearly marked ... after all that *is* what this item is all about.   Have you ever considered the possibility that i have actually, over here, gotten out of the box you have for me in your head?
Your box metaphor doesn't work in my world.  I ship in boxes .  I think thoughts & feel emotions in my mind & body.  Enjoy it though & continue to pay no attention to the little man behind the screen which reflects you as just a colorless black box.

thing is you think and feel in your mind & body within the assumptions and beliefs that you hold. 

those assumptions and beliefs (and habits) dictate how you will think and feel ... metaphorically they form the boundary of a box.

thing is, in this item here, we talk about your assumptions about me ... those hold me inside of a box in your head.  ... well they don't actually hold me inside that box ... they just hold *your* interactions with me inside that box. 

it's fun to let people out of your boxes for them ... otherwise surf the turbulence .

Seth says
source: me in another context

here we usually deal with constructing (or de constructing) mental models ... your box and my box and what little of a consensus box that we can find.  the assumptions we make, er or agree to make, kind of form the walls of the particular boxes that are proposed.  some assumptions work better across ego boundaries ... some others are too dear to  certain egos and they must stay in those boxes ... talking to them with assumptions outside their boxes is like pissing in the wind ... they just don't hear you at all.
... here i am talking roughly about the same thing as in this topic item.

Seth says
Eiamyme 2015-02-28 09:01:59 18149
Yep if everyone played by the Golden Rule & agreed with everyone else there would probably be no chaos. There might not be any need for individual Egos. The Tao would resolve into:

yep i guess.

this item is about understanding what actually happens and why ... not about some ideal fix to the situation.

I find it useful to be aware of the assumptions which are creating the boxes in the  people which whom i am interacting ... to accept them and move on ... for i do not presume to be changing them.

Seth says
Eiamyme 2015-02-28 11:23:51 18149
seth 2015-02-28 11:16:05 18149
Eiamyme 2015-02-28 11:09:21 18149
seth 2015-02-28 11:06:43 18149
Eiamyme 2015-02-28 10:58:30 18149
Eiamyme 2015-02-28 10:57:39 18149
I am not boxed. You apparently think in boxes.
P.S. FYI - you can't put a box around BEING.

yes, definitely .

but all the BEING you are aware of exists inside your box with the assumptions that you have accepted for its walls.
NOPE! You do not grok being if that is your context.  Try harder.

not a matter of me trying harder ... apparently you hold some assumptions about what BEING refers to that i do not. 

but, according to my assumptions, one way to move the box in which you hold BEING is for you to actually interact with it ... then, if you pay attention, your box walls *will* move accordingly with what you actually DO. 
No assumptions belong in being. Being is NOT boxed. I am not boxed. You are not boxed. Get rid of boxes in your mind or elsewhere & you might have access to more being.

Our word here, "BEING", points to something and as we both agreed (see above) the thing it refers to is not in any of our boxes. 

Perhaps the turbulence here is that you are talking about BEING and i am talking about the only thing that i can possibly know and that is my awareness of BEING. 

It might be just that very simple.

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