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What do you think of these apples, Eric Reiter ?


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Seth says
it's interesting to note that Eric disagrees ...

Eric Reiter No. the universe is not quite that stupid. IF you accept that robot DrQuantum you are doomed. Things are not like bullets being shot. Things can stop being a thing and spread like a wave. Then the waves can accumulate at the absorber.. Please do not accept this quantum nonsense. I say things (matter not light) are only half quantized, and only at emission, not absorption, and that fixes things. The alternative has always been the Loading Theory (accumulation hypothesis). See Halliday, Resnick, Eisbergh, Tipler, Weidner and Sells. Please study that homework problem they taught you in your elementary physics/QM text. See their "element of time" stupidity in the photoelectric effect. Their account of experiment is wrong. They confuse shortest response time with longest. Please see accounts of my experiments that overthrow quantum mechanics at http://www.Unquantum.net
Flaw of quantum mechanics is revealed with beam-split coincidence experiment using gamma-rays. Born rule...

Mark de LA says
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Eckhart Tolle also says similar things in The Power of Now ~ p 149 (or ~62% through the Kindle edition loc 2259).
Copyright ~1999.
(***) There is a lot of cosmology & mathematics which describes things that can't be touched with the 5 senses & many more senses that can't be measured at all & have no exact form.
Enjoy the ride - I AM!

Well i think Tolle is probably using the fact that our normal gestalts regarding the hardness of matter disappear in very small scale frames, to justify an "other worldy" story.  Me, I just go with the consequences that i can observe myself or of those i trust, so such a justification becomes quite unimportant. 
As was your comment which followed none of Tolle's ideas carefully at all.

Seth says

to watch

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