not much for me here except a lot of words

this item may be about 18342  ... but i do not know.


  1. information structure
  2. mirror


Seth says
Eiaming 2015-05-20 08:51:15 18343
Thanks Bozo for expressing your need to have an opinion.

.. well actually what really happened is that you found this pdf and i tagged it to read later.  then you privatized your item and in so doing i lost my bookmark.  so, just because i was anticipating someting that i could use in the material, i retrieved it from my browser cache and rapidly read it to see if i could use any of the ideas there.  but your accurate on one thing ... there was no need for me to inform the world that i found nothing i could use there. 

kind of a peculiar judgement of awareness of awareness thingy going on in this item.

 i caution, watch out for the mirrors ... and the attitude you manifest in each iteration. 

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