That is Damn Rock & Roll

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The mood is priceless IS is IS is IS is IS


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Seth says
i never sang rock and roll or played in a rock and roll band.   i rarely listen to rock and roll music.  but this performance certainly has captured the feeling of dam-rock-and-roll with many expmples.  
Even though it is not a emotional attitude i frequently have, i now have that mood represented in my mind ... great find ... a great performance in what i would call "consciousness".

... says
Werner Erhard in FB today:
source: ... If you want to have a dramatic impact on performance, you need access to the source of action”

“If you seriously examine any action, you find there are always two sides of it: the side from which you can explain it and the side from which you can produce it. After a recent two-day rise in the stock market, for example, I read an article that masterfully described that rise, analyzed it, and explained it. However, even though I now fully understand what happened, I am not going to bet my life savings on my ability to predict the next one.

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