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Seth says
another name for this is "mirroring" in the context of psychology.  here is a exercise to get a feel for that.   have a person repeat your words back to you as you are trying to tell them something.  see how it feels. 

Seth says
re self psychoanalysis ... it seems like you assume this analysis does not apply to you as well.  i wonder where that assumption came from.

Seth says
i guess it is very difficult to catch yourself doing this ... yet quite easy to see somebody else doing it.  might help to notice others doing it first ... then try to objectively notice it in your own behavior.  my son jason does it a lot ... many others too ... and yes of course i probably can't see myself doing it quite as much as others can see me doing it.  but for me it is one of those thingies related to appreciating others as they are ... not identifying with them so directly that i get confused.  it is a complicated thing to talk about ... especially when it is talking.  oh well, i tried.

Seth says

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